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Meme’s Crispy Chicken (Oven Fried Chicken)


Submitted by Ann Miller-Sobel


Mom z”l was a home ec teacher. She and her friend Rhoda brought Cook for a Friend to Jewish shut-ins in our community. She and her crew would make 33,000 meals before hanging up their aprons. Mom was the youngest at 85. Another mitzvah was the Shabbos meals she would cook for Shul fundraisers; the refrain heard round the Shul was, “if Millie is cooking, I’m coming.” Sadly, we lost Mom in November. During Shiva many said, we just had your Mom’s crispy chicken. Here is the recipe that has gone round the world; my son made it for his Yeshiva the other night for dinner.


Mom served with a big tossed salad and oven fried potatoes. May her memory be for a blessing as this recipe becomes your family favorite too.


Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Clean excess fat from chicken, making sure skin stays on each piece.


Pour all dry ingredients into zipper bag and shake. You should see specks of seasoning. Adjust as desired. 


Place chicken pieces in bag one at a time, shake each individual piece in bag for even coating and place skin side down on a lined parchment paper.


Bake 30 minutes, then flip all pieces cooking for another thirty minutes. Do not crowd pieces.