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Passover Lamb Shank Tagine


These braised lamb shanks may not be your grandmother’s brisket, but one bite will have you making them a family tradition from here on out. With minimal effort and only one pot, you’ll find yourself serving friends and family a richly flavored, sweet and savory, buttery soft lamb with tender stone fruit.  Perfect on its own or served over a bed of mashed sweet potato, it’s one of my favorites, and I hope you give it a shot this Yom Tov. For more great ideas, watch Pesach in a Pot!


Prepare the Lamb Tagine

1. Rub spice mixture on shank and sear in Dutch oven for two to three minutes per side. (In this recipe I used one teaspoon as my full part; increase if making multiple shanks.) You want to use an oven-safe, heavy bottom pot here to ensure maximum tenderness. The steam created by the braise will work to tenderize the meat (much like a pressure cooker) and keep it from drying, so something with a tight-fitting lid is advised.
2. While the meat sears, make your braising liquid by combining all the ingredients.
3. Once brown on both sides, remove the shank and add the braising liquid, scrape the brown bits from the bottom of the pot, and add the dried fruit, the remaining spice mixture and a sprig of fresh rosemary (if you have). Bring pot to a simmer and add the shank back to the pot. Cover and bake in a 300-degree oven for between two and a half hours to two hours and forty-five minutes.

To Serve

1. Remove shank, spoon the fruit onto a serving dish, add the shank above either on the bone or just the pulled lamb.
2. Pour sauce over it, and top with fresh pomegranate arils and some chives or parsley. If you’re feeling a little extra, a sweet potato mash would pair beautifully.