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Pita with Grilled Apricot Shnitzel and Fries


This apricot balsamic glaze offers just the right amount of sweetness for your chicken, with a little zing. Combined with freshly made chips and stuffed into a pita, it makes a delightfully filling, all-in-one supper.   Apricot Grilled Chicken is now a Shortcuts video! Click here to watch.


Prepare the Chicken

1. Place all glaze ingredients in a small pot. Stir and bring to a boil.
2. Reduce heat to medium-low and simmer, stirring occasionally until slightly thickened, about three to five minutes.
3. Pour into a medium-sized bowl and marinate the strips of chicken in the glaze for about a half hour.
4. Grill for a few minutes or until done.


Hot sauce can be used in place of the cayenne pepper. Use three drops of hot sauce, or to taste. 


I tried this sauce on chicken bottoms and it was fabulous. I did not marinate the chicken and used three bottoms. We like it a bit spicier, so I upped the cayenne pepper.

Prepare Pickled Onions

1. Bring the vinegar, sugar, and salt to a boil.
2. Add the onion and return to a boil.
3. Close fire and pour into a stainless steel or glass bowl to cool for 15 minutes.
4. Drain and refrigerate.

Assemble Pita Sandwiches

1. Prepare french fries according to package directions.
2. Slice pitas in half and fill with chicken strips and fries.
3. Add pickled onions.


Photography: Dan Engongoro.

Styling: Amit Farber.