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Savory Beef Spinach Stuffed Shells


Purim is a fun and chaotic day filled with eating hamantaschen, taking pictures of smiling faces in costumes, hearing the Megillah, giving out mishloach manos, and preparing for the Purim feast. While the hostess in me enjoys serving a delicious tasting meal, with all of the other hectic Purim activities my time in the kitchen is limited. When planning the menu, my motto is keep it simple, easy recipes that taste great always win over complicated and fussy dishes. Purim is my favorite holiday and I would rather be creating memories with my family than standing in front of the oven. My exception to time spent in the kitchen is remixing holiday treats, in this case hamantaschen, with modern unique flavors such as egg roll hamantaschen, taco hamantaschen, pop tart hamantaschen, and funfettti fruity pebbles hamantaschen. But I bake them in advance, so when the big day arrives they are ready to be served and enjoyed while I savor the Purim fun.


Jumbo shells stuffed with savory beef and spinach are the perfect combination to serve for an easy, yet satisfying meal. The shells and beef mixture can be prepared and stuffed in the morning with the final step of heating them up in the oven completed right before serving.



Sauté ground beef until cooked through, breaking into pieces as it cooks.


Add spinach and three-fourths of sauce to pan and combine together.


Cook shells for 12 minutes in boiling water then stuff with beef mixture, topping with remaining sauce and cook in oven on 350 degrees Fahrenheit for about 15–20 minutes.


Ground chicken or turkey thigh can be used instead of ground beef. If you don’t like spinach, swap it out for onions and mushrooms. Simply cook onions and mushrooms before adding the ground beef to the pan.