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White Wine Haricot Verts


I love neat and easy. Buying a bag of haricot verts, the slimmer and more uniform cousin of string beans, does half the work for me. Some like to snip the ends, but I don’t find them a problem. With a light infusion of white wine and some delicious shallots (also a smaller and sweeter relative of the onion), this is a simple side .And yes, feel free to substitute with string beans and sweet onions. I promise I won’t tell.



Heat up the oil in a pan and add shallots, cooking till transluscent, about three to four minutes. Add haricot verts and stir another two minutes.


Add the white wine and chopped parsley, salt, pepper, and garlic. Stir the beans for another five minutes in order to keep them crisp, especially if you are going to reheat this before the seudah. The flavors will further meld as this dish sits.