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Honey Whole Wheat Challah


Challah is a rich, braided bread traditionally eaten by Jewish people during Shabbat and holiday meals and other ceremonial occasions. Baking challah with whole wheat is a great way to fit more whole grains into a traditional Jewish meal, which are often heavy. Whole wheat challahs can sometimes be less fluffy than their white-wheat counterparts, but luckily this is one recipe that breaks the mold! In this challah recipe, honey is used instead of sugar. This recipe is one of the best whole wheat challah recipes we’ve found and is really popular with Kosher.com readers.


Make the Challah


Dissolve yeast in water in a large bowl. Add eggs, honey, salt, oil, and about three and a half cups flour. Mix well, by hand or with mixer.


Add remaining flour to make a soft dough. Knead for five to ten minutes, adding more flour, if necessary. Use as little flour as possible for a lighter texture.


Let rise one and a half to two hours. Punch down. Let rise again until double.


Shape into two braided challahs. Place challahs on baking sheets. Let rise again until doubled.


Brush with beaten egg and sprinkle with poppy or sesame seeds, if desired.


Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes or 375 degrees for 35 minutes, until golden brown.


You can substitute brown rice syrup for the honey for a slightly different taste and lower sugar content.


Photography and Styling by Chavi Feldman