OU's Practical Guide to Kashering Your Kitchen for Passover

Don't feel overwhelmed at the thought of kashering your kitchen for Passover! Rabbi Nahum Rabinowitz, Senior Rabbinic Coordinator at the OU, is today's guest host of OU and You. He's here to show you how to kasher all of your kitchen appliances, utensils, and surfaces for Passover! He explains hagalah, irui, and more kashering terms.

It can be hard to understand from written directions exactly what to do, but watching it done step by step makes it clear and simple. Once you watch this video, you'll feel ready to get started.

In this video, Rabbi Rabinowitz covers how to kasher your oven, stovetop, utensils and pots, microwave, refrigerator, cabinets and high chairs, dishwasher and electric mixer, faucet and urn, and sink and countertops.

For more information like this, visit OU Kosher Passover

Wishing you a chag kasher v'sameach/happy and kosher Passover!



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