Fish with Flair

Looking for a new and exciting way to plate your fish course? Esther O shows us her tips and tricks for plating the perfect dish. With some sauces and veggies, your plate can become a showstopper!


Fish with Flair

1.5-inch salmon cubes, prepared according to your favorite recipe (3 per serving)
Tall decorative skewers (3 per serving)
3 squeeze bottles filled with dill dip, red pepper dip, and spicy mayo
Scallions or chives
Handful of fresh chopped parsley

Tie a scallion or chive around each skewer. Set aside.

Squirt out small circles of each dip onto each plate, slightly larger in diameter than the fish. Place salmon cubes on top of the dips. “Draw” a line of dip across each salmon cube. Arrange a decorative skewer in each cube.

Decorate plate with curly lettuce, watermelon radish, mini yellow pepper slices.

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