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Tuscanini Gelato Contest

We asked, and, boy, did you deliver! When Family Table and Kosher.com put out a call for you to share your favorite ice cream mix-ins with us, using Tuscanini Vanilla Gelato, we hadn’t quite expected such an incredible and enthusiastic response. You gave us everything from bright citrus flavors to deep chocolate variations, from caramels to crunchies, and literally everything in between. In fact, we called in the big guns, namely one Danielle Renov, to help us sift through the hundreds of submissions until we landed on a handful of finalists, which, of course, we had to test in person in the Kosher.com test kitchen. Wait, why are we talking so much? We want to dig in! But first, join us in wishing our winner Suri Hoffman a hearty congratulations on her Key Lime Ice Cream entry!