Top Chef
Michael Gershkovich

Michael Gershkovich
Mike's Bistro
Chef Michael Gershkovich went to the famed Culinary Institute of America, in Hyde Park, New York. After a few years honing his skills back in New York City, Mike built Mike’s Bistro, a showcase for his cuisine. The restaurant is simple and elegant, refined and relaxed. You can wear jeans or a suit, you can drink beer or champagne. Truly, it is all about the food. This is food your mother would make if she were a classically trained chef. The cuisine is grounded yet manages to be interesting enough to demand multiple visits.

Visiting his restaurant is like coming over to Mike’s house for dinner. Family is everywhere, welcoming you at the door, cooking your food, serving your drinks. Mike visits as many tables as he can each evening, mostly to talk about the food. This is his dream come true, his passion and his life. The fences have been rebuilt, and this grass is definitely greener.
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