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Elisheva Taitz

Elisheva Taitz grew up in the kitchen, into a family where home cooked dinners were the center of each day. Aside from her full-time corporate job, she can be found in the kitchen most nights exploring her passion for cooking. Taking pictures and posting her dinner before it was "on trend," Elisheva decided to fill her time, by starting a food blog by the request of friends and family. As it grew, she then took it to Instagram in 2014, sharing her love for food, eating, and writing on a more accessible level. She loves Asian cuisine, and would prefer anything savory over a slice of cake, any day. She shies away from measuring and using recipes, and takes inspiration from perusing the aisles of the grocery store, pages of food magazines, and cookbooks. She prides herself on thinking on the spot, using what she has quickly on hand, to come up with something delicious, fresh, and nutritious. Elisheva lives in Cedarhurst, NY with her husband and 2 kids.