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Chef Erick Vargas-Bromberg

Chef Erick Vargas-Bromberg began his culinary career at the age of 13, working as a dishwasher at Aquavit, acclaimed Nordic restaurant by Chef Marcus Samuelsson. Erick's raw talent and dedication were soon spotted by the celebrity chef, and quickly he went from washing dishes to working the kitchen line under the tutelage of Chef Samuelsson. Over the next several years, Erick continued to perfect his craft, working in some of New York's most famous restaurants,such as Tribeca Grill, Junoon, Le Bernardin, Aldea, Centrico, and more. Chef Erick now sets his sights on the Kosher world, looking to bring unique flavors and new styles of cooking to a vastly under-served market. Looking to break convention from the typical Kosher restaurant, Erick drives his menus with seasonal ingredients, house-made products, and an authenticity that leaps off the plate. Follow the Chef @EVB_NYC