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Helen Nash

Helen Nash is the author of three beloved, classic kosher cookbooks – Kosher Cuisine, Helen Nash’s Kosher Kitchen, and most recently the 2012 Helen Nash’s New Kosher Cuisine: Healthy, Simple, and Stylish. Born in Krakow, Poland, Helen has lived for over 65 years in New York City where she has perfected her kosher culinary art. Four generations of her family, as well as her vast network of friends, now savor her extraordinary kitchen. Helen studied with the masters of the day, and she has given numerous cooking demonstrations around the country. An invitation to her home is highly coveted, not only for the delicious kosher cuisine, but also for the cultured ambiance. Now, in keeping with the twenty-first century, she invites her devoted fans to her new website, www.Kitchenwisehn.com, to continue to learn and enjoy home-cooked, highly appealing and healthy kosher food. Follow her monthly for new recipes and ideas about kitchen organization and successful entertaining.


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