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Gabriel Geller

Gabriel Geller
Royal Wine
Gabriel Geller has joined Royal Wine Corp. after over 15 years of experience in the wine industry. He fell in love with the wonderful world of wine when he moved to Israel from Switzerland and discovered the burgeoning Israeli wine industry. Gabriel refined and educated himself and his palate traveling the globe, visiting wineries and attending professional tastings. Since 2008, Gabriel has been a wine writer and critic for a variety of media outlets as well as a consultant to wineries, hotels, importers, distributors and wine shops in Israel, France, Switzerland, Australia, America, England, Italy and Belgium. Before coming to America, Gabriel owned and managed a specialty wine shop in Jerusalem and in 2014 started the very popular “Kosher Wine: Sharing and Experiences”, a facebook group that features his advice and reviews of thousands of kosher wines which has quickly become the largest online forums focusing on the world of kosher wine.
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