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10 Cozy Kosher Experiences Across North America

10 Cozy Kosher Experiences Across North America

by: Elisheva Blumberg, Lubicom Staff


  1. Bakerie (Brooklyn, New York)
    From the creator of the gourmet pizzeria Basil NY comes Bakerie, a specialty bakery in Crown Heights. Yes — this place is kosher, but it can sure hold its own with Brooklyn’s many nonkosher ultra-hip cafés.

    This premium bakery focuses on fresh and fashionable ingredients and bona fide baking techniques (the bread is baked in specialty Italian ovens). In addition to their fresh artisan breads and pastries, and gourmet coffee and teas, Bakerie offers freshmade condiments like Greek yogurt, hazelnut spread, jams, and gravlax.

    Coziest winter selections:
    1.    Bellocq breakfast tea — blend of organic Indian, Chinese, and Ceylon single-estate black teas
    2.    Sourdough baguette
    3.    Honey butter scone
    4.    Cheese and herb puff

    Certifying agency: OK Kosher
    Cholov yisrael: Yes
    252 Albany Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11213
    (718) 693-8248

  2. Tasty Beach Cafe (Miami Beach, Florida)
    Did you know Miami is called The Magic City?

    Google says it’s because of Miami’s rapid population growth. We say it’s because of the city’s stunning shoreline…its magnificent wildlife…its balmy, tropical weather. (FULL DISCLOSURE: We’re writing this in New Jersey on a day when the temperature is half of what it is in Miami. We might be somewhat jealous. )

    Even in sun city, though, it can get chilly.

    Enter Tasty Beach Cafe. This kosher restaurant offers up a menu array of brunch classics including pastries and pancakes, sandwiches and smoothies, pasta and pizza, coffees and cappuccinos.

    Simply put, the menu at Tasty Beach Cafe is as long and dazzling as the Miami shoreline.

    Coziest winter selections:
    1.    Nutella latte — latte mixed with hazelnut spread
    2.    Spicy jalapeno egg brioche — scrambled egg with fried jalapeno, pepper jack cheese, caramelized onions on a warm brioche roll
    3.    Cinnamon toast crust french toast — French toast with Cinnamon Toast Crunch crust
    4.    Cookie dough iced latte — with crushed cookies and whipped cream (OK, so this is NOT a winter drink. But who cares? You’re in Miami!)
    Certifying agency: The Vaad HaKashrus of Miami-Dade (Kosher Miami)
    Cholov yisrael: No
    4041 Royal Palm Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33140

    (305) 602-8290

  3. Kava Coffee House (Howell, New Jersey)
    Love that that funky, rustic coffee house vibe? So do we.

    And apparently, so do hundreds of Kava Coffee House’s happy reviewers on Google.

    Located in Howell, NJ (a literal skip and hop from Lakewood), Kava Coffee House has perfected that artisanal, let-me-cozy-up-with-my-laptop ambiance. The cafe’s design of exposed brick walls, fireplace, and farmhouse-chic furniture will keep you feeling cozy all winter long. Oh, and so will its five-star food.

    Convenience tip: For those extra-busy days, take advantage of Kava’s drive-through option.

    Coziest winter selections:
    1.    Signature dark roast coffee
    2.    Peanut butter explosion latte — espresso, steamed milk, peanut butter syrup, chocolate sauce
    3.    Garlic pesto zoodle pasta — spiralized zucchini, garlic pesto, parmesan cheese
    4.    Fish tacos — tilapia in corn tortillas, purple cabbage, lettuce with lime sauce

    Certifying agency: Chelkas Hakashrus of Zichron Yaakov – Rabbi Kissinger
    Cholov yisrael: Yes
    6791 U.S. 9, Howell, NJ 07731
    (732) 534-5199

  4. Island Crust Cafe (Seattle, Washington)
    Seattle is the home to the Space Needle, the first Starbucks store, and a rapidly growing Jewish community.

    And while the phrase “it always rains in Seattle” is not exactly true, this Northwest city does get a lot of rain (an average of 152 rainy days a year, to be exact — most of which are during the winter months).

    If you’re looking for a sweet spot to grab some kosher food, be sure to visit Seattle’s Island Crust Cafe. With its homemade soups, salads, specialty pizzas, and beer + wine menu, you can warm up — and stay dry — this winter.

    Coziest winter selections:
    1. Dayenu pizza — red sauce, feta, jalapenos, black olives, roasted garlic, pepperoncini, red peppers, Roma tomatoes, mushrooms, artichokes, red onion, breaded eggplant
    2. Sicilian cod — Alaskan cod, sautéed with artichokes, olives, tomatoes, garlic and capers
    3. Enchilada platter — vegetarian enchiladas paired with Spanish rice and frijoles, topped with cheddar cheese
    4. Eggplant parmesan — breaded eggplant topped with marinara, mozzarella & parmesan

    Certifying agency: Va’ad Harabanim of Greater Seattle
    Cholov yisrael: Yes
    Island Corporate Center
    7525 SE 24th St #100, Mercer Island, WA 98040
    (206) 232-7878

  5. Aroma Espresso Bar (Toronto, Ontario)
    Toronto is not only Canada’s economic capital and its most populous city — this urban jungle also houses the largest population of Jews in Canada.

    Located on Bathurst Street in the heart of Toronto’s Jewish community is a fully kosher supervised Aroma Espresso Bar. Aroma is an Israeli coffee chain with 125 locations worldwide (the first opened in downtown Jerusalem in 1994). 

    Aroma’s menu is reminiscent of Israel’s trendy café culture. Their fresh offerings include a real deal espresso bar with authentic Italian-style coffees, smashingly creative salads, Israeli specialties like burekas and shakshuka, and a delicious array of cold drink options (but considering Canadian winter weather, you may want to save those chilled choices for a warmer season!)

    Coziest winter selections:
    1.    Canadiano — an Americano (espresso and hot water) with the addition of steamed milk
    2.    Mocha — espresso, chunks of premium milk or white chocolate, steamed milk, cocoa
    3.    Warm chickpea salad — hard-boiled egg, tomato, cucumber, red onion, garlic croutons, lemon olive oil dressing and tahini
    4.    Aroma hash — sunny-side-up eggs with sautéed red pepper, portobello, onion and sweet potato hash, arugula, toast, yogurt, za’atar

    Certifying agency: Kashruth Council of Canada (COR)
    Cholov yisrael: Yes
    Location: 3791-3793 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ON M3H 3N1
    (647) 347-1818

  6. Brooklyn Artisan Bakehouse (two locations in Brooklyn, NY)
    Welcome To Brooklyn: How Sweet It Is! THIS little gem is printed on a city road sign, but we think it just as well applies to Brooklyn Artisan Bakehouse.

    With two locations in BKLYN — the original in Crown Heights and the more recently inaugurated location in Flatbush — Brooklyn Artisan Bakehouse offers fare as fresh as a NYC attitude!

    Stop by this winter to warm up with a menu that includes namesake artisan breads, classy croissants, crazy-chic salads, and more.

    Coziest winter selections:
    1.    Honey ricotta pizza
    2.    Branzino a la plancha — wilted arugula, za’atar roasted potatoes, tomatoes and garlic paprika aioli
    3.    Caprese croissant — tomato, mozzarella & basil w/ pesto on croissant or sourdough
    4.    Hot mocha — choice of dairy, soy, or almond milk

    Certifying agency: OK Kosher
    Cholov yisrael: Yes

    Crown Heights
    529 East New York Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11225
    (347) 292-1382

    1371 Coney Island Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11230
    (718) 872-5155

  7. Emma’s Bagel Cafe (Skokie, Illinois)
    Chicago is known for its deep-dish pizza, architecture, and sports teams — and if you’ll be there in winter, pack some winter gear! Winter temps in The Windy City hover in the low 20s.

    Why not warm up at Emma’s Bagel Cafe? Located in Skokie, a neighboring village to Chicago, Emma’s Bagel Cafe serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That means eggs and pancakes, salads and sandwiches, fish and pastas — the menu at this dairy cafe will keep you warm and toasty any time of day!

    Coziest winter selections:
    1. Apple cinnamon Belgian waffles
    2. Vegetarian chili — soy chorizo, served with cornbread, cheddar cheese, red onions
    3. Pizza Trencher — Bialy w/ green peppers, onions, mushrooms, pizza sauce, mozzarella
    4. Spinach swirl wrap

    Certifying agency: cRc (Chicago Rabbinical Council)
    Cholov yisrael: Yes
    9306 Skokie Blvd, Skokie, IL 60077
    (847) 673-3030

  8. Formaggio Mio (Atlanta, Georgia)
    A visit to Atlanta will keep you on your toes! Among the many attractions in the city: Georgia Aquarium (the world’s largest!), Atlanta Botanical Garden, Atlanta History Center, and the World of Coca-Cola.

    And after all that touring, you’ll definitely need a bite to eat.

    Hello, Formaggio Mio! At this Italian-style cafe you’ll find fantastic service, delicious food, and an elegant vibe that’ll make you fall in love with that uniquely Southern hospitality.

     Coziest winter selections:
    1.    Hash brown “puppies” — balls of potatoes w/cheese, egg and marinara
    2.    Middle Eastern panini — hard-boiled eggs, eggplant, feta cheese, and pesto
    3.    Onion soup — served with bread topped with melted cheese
    4.    Pasta primavera — w/ red pepper, snow peas, and sundried tomatoes

    Certifying agency: Atlanta Kosher Commission
    Cholov yisrael: Yes
    2157 Briarcliff Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30329
    (678) 973-0360

  9. Brooklyn Sandwich Co. (Washington, D.C.) 
    The only meat spot on our list, the Brooklyn Sandwich Co. is a food truck, and it’s not actually in Brooklyn!

    Founded by a rabbi and college students who were dismayed by the lack of kosher options in our nation’s capital, the Brooklyn Sandwich Co. food truck serves traditional Jewish deli food with a hip culinary twist.

    Coziest winter selections:
    1.    Pulled brisket sandwich — paired with broccoli slaw, on pretzel bun
    2.    Potato knish — served with choice of aioli
    3.    Curried chicken salad
    4.    Vegetarian cholent — with portobello mushroom, sunchokes, barley

    Certifying agency: Rabbi Hillel Baron of Congregation Ahavas Israel (Colombia, Maryland)
    Glatt kosher: Yes. Check here for kashrut details.
    Location: Find live updates of the current food truck location on Twitter (@bklynsandwichco) or Facebook

  10. Panini Cafe (Las Vegas, Nevada)
    Ride a gondola at the Venetian Hotel, hop on a helicopter tour, or get your nature fix at Red Rock Canyon — the attractions in Las Vegas will not disappoint.

    For good eats, you’ll be eternally grateful for Panini Cafe — an Israeli-style cafe with classic American brunch fare as well as Mediterranean favorites. Stop by and you’ll discover that kosher food in Las Vegas is just about as refreshing as finding water in a desert!

    Coziest winter selections:
    1.    Greek plant — eggplant rolls w/ feta and pesto, served over sweet potato
    2.    Antipasti sandwich — grilled vegetables with olive oil and Mediterranean spices topped with feta cheese
    3.    Fish tempura — with baked potato and herbs in tahini tomato sauce
    4.    Nescafe — Israeli instant coffee based on milk or water

    Certifying agency: Rabbi Yehoshua Fromowitz of Ahavas Torah Center (Henderson, Nevada)
    Cholov yisrael: Yes
    2521 S Fort Apache Rd #100, Las Vegas, NV 89117
    (702) 558-6555