10 Of The Most Popular Flowers To Start Your Own Garden

Lubicom Marketing Staff April 8, 2021

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By: Rifky Grossman


Featuring the florist and owner of Primrose Flower Shop, Raquel Goldisch, as well as Primrose’s lead designer Barbara Mele.


Gardening can be one of the most rewarding projects you can start. Florals breathe new life (pun intended) into an open space, and some flowers are overall easier than other plants to maintain and don’t require year-round TLC.  We reached out to the experts @PrimroseNY to share the top 10 recommended flowers to start with for beginning gardeners. See your garden grow full bloom!


1) Mixed Wildflower Packets



Wildflowers are natural survivors and will find their own path wherever they are spread. There are flowers native to each region of the US, so make sure you buy a packet that is good for where you live.


You can buy Wildflower seeds here!


2) Marigolds



Marigolds are very hearty and colorful. They grow quickly and are very low-maintenance, as long as they have well-drained soil and sun. Come in a wide range of yellows, oranges, and reds. They are also edible! (Just don’t grow with any pesticides.)


You can buy Marigold seeds here!


3) Daffodils



Daffodils are bulb flowers, so they contain their own nutrients within the “seed.” They need to be planted in later autumn, before the first frost, so they are insulated from the cold during winter. They will then be the first beautiful blooms to greet you when spring begins!


4) Hyacinth



These are also a bulb, so they have the same timeframe as daffodils. They can take full or partial sun. Bulbs can be planted in early spring, but that is riskier, as temperatures in the Northeast US can still go below freezing, which will kill them. These are very fragrant!


5) Daisies



Daisies are heat- and sun-loving summer blooms. They are drought-tolerant and will welcome pollinating insects to your garden. They come in a range of sizes, colors, and varieties.


You can buy Daisy seeds here!


6) Geraniums



This is another flower that will bloom in high heat, but it needs consistent watering. The leaves are very fragrant.


You can buy Geranium seeds here


7) Cosmos



Cosmos are super carefree flowers that will grow pretty much anywhere they are planted. If you cut some blooms to bring inside, the flowers will regrow.


You can buy Cosmos seeds here!


8) Dianthus



Dianthus need at least six hours of sun daily. Dead flowers, which will look dried up, should be cut or pinched to encourage the plant to continue providing more blooms.


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9) Celosia



These textural, brightly colored blooms are perfect for summer heat and sun. The leaves are edible if they are picked young, before blooms begin (they taste like spinach).


You can buy Celosia seeds here!


10) Morning Glory



Morning Glory flowers grow on vine-like stems, making them great in hanging baskets on your steps or porch. They thrive in the sun and can also grow to decorate fencing or trellises.


You can buy Morning Glory seeds here!


There you have it! Whether it’s a new hobby you’d like to pick up, or you’re looking to add some brightness to an open space, these are the top recommended flowers to start with. Get gardening!