Step Up Your Passover Game With These Beautiful Seder Plates

Rachel Kor March 24, 2022

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With Passover just a few weeks away, most of you are probably focused on menu planning, grocery shopping, ordering tableware, and possibly even ordering some special new outfits for the family. Well, I’m here to remind you that now is also the time to buy a Seder plate, too!

Whether you’re in the market for a new one, want to gift a newly married couple something special, or need a gift for your parents that will be a keepsake for generations to come, there’s never a better time to shop around.

There are so many incredible designs out there. Below are 14 Seder plates in elegant, rustic, modern, and classic designs, to name a few.

Pottery Seder Plate

The natural vibe of this seder plate makes it the perfect addition to a lighter and earthy table. It’s the perfect blank slate for all the symbolic Seder plate foods.

Spode Seder Plate

This Seder plate has been a favorite of mine for years. The blue and white floral design has an old-school and vintage vibe. Being that Spode was founded in 1770, you can feel confident knowing that this piece will never go out of style.

Oak Street Seder Plate

Kate Spade always manages to bring a colorful yet timeless feel to her pieces. This Seder plate is great for young couples or those who love to add a fun dash of color to their tablescape.

Classic Carved Seder Plate

This Seder plate is perfect for anyone who treasures their heritage. Its white engraved style can be used for both formal or casual tablescapes, and at its price point, is one of the more affordable options on this list.

Geometric Seder Plate

By just looking at the picture you’ll see why this piece was included on this list. It’s a modern plate that comes in the prettiest colors. It adds the perfect pop of color and is perfect for those looking for a showstopper.

White and Gold Seder Plate Set

Sometimes timeless is just the way to go. A piece that will never go out of style and will match to almost any table. A piece that will add just the right amount of elegance and sparkle while still being humble and subtle. This Seder plate is that piece. It’s an heirloom set that will be used for generations and is crafted from fine glazed porcelain with 24k-gold detailing.

Modern Seder Plate

This Seder plate has a very natural feel. It’s a two-piece, slip cast stoneware plate that’s perfect for those going for an earthy, almost ancient vibe on Passover.

Pomegranate Seder Plate Design

Just look at this Seder plate and the name Michael Aram (one of the most trusted artists in Judaica) comes to mind. This Seder plate is a true work of art and will make your table. I love the idea of using plates, glasses, and flatware that have touches of gold accents to match this piece. It’s truly the perfect finishing touch.

Hand-Painted Wood Seder Plate

This unique and detailed seder plate takes inspiration from both Azerbaijani and Israeli design elements. It has beautful and intricate details, and with vibrant rich colors like blue, red, yellow and green, it’ll make you feel like you traveled somewhere special to get it.

Minimalist Seder Plate

Probably one of my favorites on this list, this piece is minimal and yet so rich with meaning. “Inspired by the story of exodus and its peak- parting of the Red Sea…an op art pattern of waves. The smooth shallow carvings create a sophisticated illustration of light and shadow.”

Blue Ceramic Seder Plate

When purchasing a special piece for my home, I usually go for a more classic look- something that will never go out of style. This plate is the exception. The color, shape, textures- they all remind me of the Mediterranean. And although it has a wonderful colorful presence, it’s neutral and easy to match to at the same time.

Miriam’s Tambourine Seder Plate

Just like earrings or cuff links are the perfect finishing touch to an outfit, this Seder plate is the finishing touch to a table. The smoky black glass and the brass work beautifully together to create a mismatched stylish vibe. My favorite part? All the layers of this plate come together to look like Miriam’s tambourine.

MetaLucite Seder Plate

We’ve featured Waterdale’s products on our site before because we love their modern Judaica pieces. This Seder plate is made from clear lucite so it literally matches to anything. It’s sleek, modern, and beautiful and stands on metal for that extra wow factor!

Pink and White Porcelain Seder Plate

Handmade in Israel, this blush Seder plate is simplicity at its best. It’s perfect for a springy-looking table and is a great base for all the symbolic foods. The gold detail around the trim of the plate and bowls add to its feminine and delicate feel.