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14 Stunning Vases for Shavuot (Under $25!)

14 Stunning Vases for Shavuot (Under $25!)

You can’t have Shavuot without some fresh flowers in the house, which means you’re going to need some really pretty vases!


Treat yourself, treat your spouse, or buy one as a hostess gift. You just can’t go wrong with a beautiful new vase to celebrate the season.


Below are some of my favorites. The best part? They are all under $25! Yup, I’ve got your back.


I hope you find them as lovely as I do.


Bring on the blooms!


Iron Art Flower Vase Terrarium


Sleek, modern, yet feminine. This vase adds the perfect artsy feel to the table.



Etched Floral Vase


This is probably my favorite on the list. It’s simply stunning, and the little floral etching adds just the right amount of detail.



Bottle Bud Vases


Bud vases are perfect for single stems. Put a few running down the table for a dramatic look. I also love bud vases for single flower stems that are still vibrant from a bigger bouquet that has seen better days. All I do is cut the few flowers that still look nice and throw the rest of the bouquet away.



Glossed Ceramic Vase


Sometimes pretty branches or dried flowers are just what a room needs. This neutral vase is the perfect pairing.



White Textured Ceramic Vase


The texture, the color…that price! This vase is an overall winner!



Stepped Form White Ceramic Vases


Another great neutral vase that is a beautiful conversation piece in one. These are so pretty, you can even just place them together in a bunch on the fireplace mantle or bookshelf.



Brass Tube Vases


I once got this as a Shabbat hostess gift and have bought 3 more since. It looks beautiful on a large windowsill, lined up along the Shabbat table, or sitting pretty next to the Shabbat candles. It’s the perfect hostess gift!



Acrylic Clear Vase


For those that like a more modern, sleek design. The color is unique, but still neutral so it’ll look nice in almost any home.



Eastern Rock White Ceramic Vase


I just love the earthiness of this vase. It looks pretty pricey too- but no one has to know it’s under $30.


Thada Vase


I love the pink, feminine feel of this vase. It adds just the right amount of pizzazz while still being tasteful.



Jubilee Bud Vase


One of the best elements of a great hostess gift is it’s uniqueness. Everyone has a tall clear vase. I want to receive a vase I don’t already own- or haven’t seen before. This one fits that bill perfectly.



Hurricane Vases


I love big abundant flower arrangements. Big bunches of hydrangeas, peonies, or even just lots of branches are my favorite. So I typically need big, wide-top vases like these.



Caterpillar Glass Bud Vase


Um, yes please. The name is just as cute as the actual vase. This one’s already in my cart.



Black Ceramic Vase


I typically don’t love a black vase, but at this price, you can buy a few, line them up together and put a bunch of tan straw stems inside for a dramatic Shavuot tablescape.