Wedding Trends We’ll See in 2021

Lubicom Marketing Staff March 4, 2021

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By: Rifky Grossman


No one would argue that COVID regulations played a less-than-subtle role in the wedding arena. Although change is hard, sometimes changes imposed on us by external circumstances beyond our control are ones we wouldn’t have been brave enough to make on our own. Often, the shift in perspective is precisely what we need most of all.


We reached out to leaders in their respective industries who share trends they see for 2021 wedding celebrations.


Before you plan a wedding, of course, we want to encourage you to consult and observe the guidelines and precautions in your area. Safety first!





Hair by PEN; Hairstylist| And Other Things @hairbypen

“Brides are showcasing their natural everyday looks and transitioning them to bridal. I’m seeing brides abandon the headpiece and favoring half up or sleek and straight; it’s more about highlighting what works for them beauty-wise.”


Yocheved Gross; Catalog of beautiful hair/Founder of @hair_and_blush

“From the summer till now, a lot of brides were wearing updos and low buns. Kate Middleton is a great inspiration when it comes to styling. Although summer is hot and updos make sense, I’m seeing brides favor elegant updos year-round as well. Overall styles depend on what community you belong to, but I am seeing as a general trend middle parts and waves away from the face, modified to each community and personal taste. COVID or no COVID, a kallah (bride) always wants to feel beautiful whether she has 10 guests or 100.”





Mimi Hair Wigs; Redefining your Wig Shopping Experience @MimiHairDesign

“Lace wigs have completely changed the ‘sheitel world’ in 2021; whether it’s a lace front or lace top, wigs have been taken on a whole new level in terms of natural appearance. Sleek face framing looks [are popular]. Most brides opt for at least one lace wig to emulate the appearance of their natural hair, a band fall for comfort, and a non-lace wig for easy everyday maintenance.”





Chaya Goodman; Family & Bridal Wedding Dresser @chayagres

“Plain Chantilly lace will always be a classic traditional stunner, but 2021 is going to have a new take. We’re heading into a more intricate group. Larger floral laces, graphic embroidery, 3-D laces, and laser-cut laces are on-trend. Beaded gowns are making a comeback. Nude blush is in. Ivory and off-white are 2021, whereas white white can be too stark to the face, which can be a very old-fashioned [look]. Super puffy gowns are fading out; brides are opting for more of a princess a-line silhouette. [Leaving off a] headpiece is becoming a trend. The wedding spending budget is being directed to the bride- it used to be that all those close to the bride spent a lot on gowns and makeup. The bride is becoming the focus – as it should be, COVID wedding or not; the focus is being allocated back where it should have always been.


“People are opting for earlier weddings to capture daylight pictures. The focus is going back to the roots of what’s important, and that is that our loved ones are getting married, less about the added accoutrements. ‘Less is more’ is very much the theme of 2021 bridal.”


Raquel; Unique Bridal Gowns, Evening Gowns, and Ready to Wear @raquel_couture

“For the brides that love a princess look, the trends that I see coming in are Romantic looks, lace full skirts with long cathedral trains, but still with a touch of modern flair. Lace is here to stay, but it comes in different textures and designs with a mixture of embroidery. For the bride who loves clean lines, the look is all about the cut and beautiful fabrics with an impeccable fit. Even with COVID, a bride is still a bride, and they are always looking to get their dream gown, [whether] hers is a backyard wedding or an indoor wedding.


“On the other hand, mothers are looking for timeless pieces, not as dramatic, to work with different wedding venues.


“I do see unexpected grace with my clients, as everyone who is making a wedding is dealing with the stress of the wedding being pushed up and the stress of having their loved ones safely being part of their affair.”





Primrose; A quaint little flower shoppe in the South of Brooklyn @primroseny

“Outdoor weddings are going to be in! Take advantage of nature’s backdrop – lots of greenery. As for centerpieces, tall branches are out, and low wide romantic compotes are in! Remember the rule of thumb in floristry – when you sit at the table, put your elbows on the table, and the flowers shouldn’t be taller than your thumbs! Nothing pretty about not being able to see the person sitting across the table! For colors, mix pastels (purples and peaches are my faves) for a softer look, and don’t be afraid to go bold and try a red mixed with pinks or purples! I also see brides shifting away from the all-one-type flower bouquet to something a little wilder and a free mix of flowers. Think Pinterest-style bouquets!”





Danny Palgon; singer and composer @danny_palgon

In my opinion, the most significant potential trend in future weddings is size. I think that Covid has forced people to downsize their weddings, and as a result, weddings have been more intimate and affordable. I think it will give people the freedom to feel less pressured into having massive weddings and allow for more socially acceptable options to choose from in the wedding planning process.”


Aryeh Kunstler;  Singer /  Guitarist /  Producer / Wedding Professional @aryehkunstler

“I’m seeing bigger bands starting to come back in after COVID. There was a period of just the smaller crews because of the pandemic. But we’re starting to see the resurgence of bigger bands again. People are putting the focus on the music now more than ever.”





CJ Studios; The Award-Winning Studio NY / NJ Based @cjstudiosphotos

“People became more adventurous with their venues, last year. We got some beautiful shots at outdoor, backyard weddings, and people are more open to this.


“Since venues get more nervous closer to 10 p.m., weddings end up finishing earlier and this leaves ample time for great post-wedding couple pictures. “





Ephi; exquisite cυlinary caterιng for the sophisticated kosher palate @ephiscatering

“Last spring, people were forced to entertain outdoor simchas, which led to more intimate celebrations.”


“Appetizers were upgraded, and we expect this trend to remain. A popular one is our duck breast salad with seasonal peaches, plums, and macerated berries.We saw a spike in serving intermezzo (a palette cleanser) in the form of fresh fruit sorbet ice pops.”


“You can anticipate seeing more fruit-filled tarts on the dessert menu, especially after heavy rib steak mains – lemon and passion fruit is always a tart favorite.”



Some of these are general trends, but most share the undertone that the post-COVID world has infiltrated everything from hair, music and photography.