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3 Charming Floral Arrangements for Spring

Devoiry Schlesinger May 29, 2019

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I hope you enjoy these three easy-to-follow tutorials and visuals that I’ve created for you. The table centerpiece, wall hanging, and napkin arrangement can all be combined in one room and on one table setting to create the perfect Shavuot scene.


I used the same types of flowers in all the arrangements so they all coordinate and create a beautiful and cohesive theme.


– Devoiry Schlesinger @daphnes_petals



For the centerpiece, you will need:


  • 7-inch Bowl
  • Floral Tape (any sticky tape will do)
  • Floral Clippers




Bay Leaves X 6
Waxflower X 4
Spray Roses X 5
Stock X 3
Hypericum X 4
Butterfly Ranunculus X 5
Scabiosa X 4
Astrantia X 4
Astilbe X 3


Start by creating a grid with floral tape. Secure the tape by putting more tape all the way around, just under the rim.


Once the grid is made you can start with the floral arrangement. I like to divide the process into three steps:

For the first step. This is the base of the arrangement, this will give the arrangement a structure, and shape. This is the step where we put the greens and foliage in.
I cut some shorter and some longer stems and put the longer stems to one side and shorter on the opposite side. I first inserted the bay leaves and then topped them off with the waxflower and worked my way around to create a full base.



Now for step 2.

This is where we add the feature flowers and the filler flowers. I like to work with one flower at a time, working my way around the arrangement and leaving space between the stems,  and then I add the next flower in between and so on. This creates a great pattern for the flowers and gives the arrangement a symmetrical look.


I started with the spray roses and then added the stock and hypericum. The flowers with smaller heads and more flexible stems, like the butterfly ranunculus, I cut a little longer so they stick out and hang over to create a flow.



Now for the final step. This is step is all about the texture, dimension, and the finishing touch. This final step is where we insert the textured, less volumed flowers to give the arrangement a flowing motion.


I used scabiosa, astrantia, and astilbe. I usually keep these stems a little longer and just stick them in on the top.





Next, for the hanging floral wall arrangement, you will need: 


  • Branch (the one I used is approx 18” wide)
  • Ribbon
  • String
  • 1-inch wide cello bags
  • Additional stems
  • Rubber bands



Tie the ribbon to the branch and hang on your wall horizontally. You can use a plastic hook to hang this.


Cut stems to approximately four inches long and insert into cello bags. Cut bags’ length accordingly. Fill cello bags with water and secure with rubber bands. Ensure the rubber band is really right so the water doesn’t leak.


Tie a cut piece of string around a rubber band and hang it on your hanging branch. Continue tying the flowers to the branch, leaving approximately two inches between each string. Cut strings in varying lengths to create an effortless flow. Repeat till your branch is full.




Lastly, for the napkin arrangement, you will need:


  • 5 to 6 stems
  • string 
  • 2-inch cello bag
  • rubber band
  • square cloth napkin
  • make sure you have enough flowers, cello bags, and napkins for all your diners.



Create a very small bouquet for each diner using up to five or six stems and tie with string or some wire. Cut the stems approximately four inches long. Place them into a two-inch cello bag and cut the bag according to the length of the stems. Fill halfway with water and tie (tightly!) with a rubber band.

Follow the steps below to create napkin pockets.






Finally, insert the flower bouquet and tie together with a ribbon!




Arrangements by @daphnes_petals on Instagram

Photography by @sarafinkphotography on Instagram

Styling by @styledbylibi on Instagram