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47 Mishloach Manot Containers Under $3 On Amazon

47 Mishloach Manot Containers Under $3 On Amazon

By: Elisheva Blumberg, Lubicom Marketing Staff


Sometimes it feels like the hardest part of assembling mishloach manot is deciding how to package them. After all, presentation can make a big difference when giving a gift.


With this in mind, we curated a collection of 30 container options for you to consider for your mishloach manot.


The options listed here range from under $1 to under $3. With all the variety, you’re sure to find a package that fits your budget, style, and theme.


The following article contains affiliate links. We may make a small commission from any purchases made from the links on this page.




  1. Berry Baskets
    These berry baskets are perfect for a farmers market or fruit theme. Plus, at under $1 you can’t beat the price!

  2. Paper Treat Treasure Boxes
    Perfect for a child who dresses up as a pirate for Purim. Add Chips “Ahoy” cookies, a bottle of water, and some chocolate gelt coins and you’re set!

  3. Bakery Bags With Window
    How tasteful are these bags? Your recipients will think they just stepped out of a boutique bakery from the Hamptons with this beautiful bag.

  4. Iced Coffee Tumblers
    Fill a plastic tumbler with a homemade smoothie, or omit the straw and stack the container with small packets of salad, dips, and breadsticks.

  5. Mini Yogurt Jars
    A beautiful way to deliver homemade chocolate mousse or custard. Send along with a package of cookies or granola.
  6. Tropical Floral Design Gable Boxes
    Choose this pretty box for any tropical, ocean, or vacation theme.

  7. Poplar Containers
    A great fit for any Asian-inspired cuisine (the lids are sold separately).

  8. Blue Coral Organza Bags
    Compared to the more common small organza bags, these extra-large pull-string bags will fit lots of treats!

  9. Bakery Boxes
    The clear window of these boxes will give your lucky recipients a sneak peek of the baked goods inside.

  10. Clear Plastic Boxes
    An always classy choice for mishloach manot. For extra elegance, seal with foil stickers that match your theme/color scheme.

  11. Biodegradable Palm Leaf Trays
    A chic look for any tropical, natural foods, or rustic theme.

  12. Kraft Paper Bags With Bow
    The brown paper surface makes these bags easy to customize with your own stickers, drawings, or labels.

  13. Damask Favor Boxes
    These drawer-style favor boxes are cute and luxurious at once. At roughly 40 cents per piece, you can use multiples of these boxes, filling each one with a different treat and tying them together in one pretty package.

    $2 OR UNDER

  14. Gift Wrap Boxes Packing Bags
    Simple. Elegant. Tasteful. Need we say more?

  15. Clear Plastic Container with 3-Compartment Black Insert Tray and Clear Lid
    These containers are great because they have a few sections that hold a nice amount of food in a cool, unique way.

  16. Leaf Design Maroon Foil Gift Bags
    Sometimes a good ole bag is all it takes to impress. This bag is stunning and comes in many other colors.

  17. Diamond Gift Bags Set
    Another bag that is so pretty and will work with almost any theme. Its quilted-like pattern makes it a great sophisticated choice.

  18. Floral Stems Design Foil Stamped Gift Bags
    Use this bag for a coffee or chocolate theme!

  19. Green Kraft Paper Bag With Window
    This bag is great because it has a window cut out so your recipients can appreciate what’s inside before taking everything out.

  20. Clear Plastic Storage Boxes With String
    A container and a bag in one? Yes, please! From cupcakes to babka, or fruit and tea, the possibilities are endless.

  21. Mini Cake Dish Shaped Acrylic Candy Boxes
    Who wouldn’t want to receive a cupcake treat in this beautiful container?

  22. Large Rectangle Brown Kraft Boxes
    We loved these boxes so much we used them in one of our very own Shortcuts episodes. See the 4 ways we used them HERE.

  23. Metal Buckets (With Chalkboard Stickers!)
    For an artisanal and handmade feel, use the chalkboard labels and chalk marker (included with the buckets) to handwrite your own labels.

  24. Coconut Cups
    An adorable option for kid-friendly mishloach manot.


  25. Shatterproof Wine Glasses
    An unbreakable wine glass lends a sleek and Purim-perfect look to any mishloach manot.

  26. Fast Food Baskets
    Baskets with a pop of color! Great for multicultural, picnic, or restaurant themes.

  27. Plastic Fish Bowls
    Layer with candies or fill with mini snacks.

  28. Burlap Wine Bags
    Luxe statement bags come with tags you can personalize. Use for its intended purpose (to hold a bottle of wine) or go the unexpected route and fill with round containers of homemade treats.

  29. Deluxe Bakery Boxes
    These ridged bakery boxes come with sweet stickers. The end result is upscale and delicious-looking!

  30. Wooden Berry Baskets
    Use on its own for a rustic look, or decorate it to fit your style; you can entwine silk flowers into the rim, paint with designs, or line the basket with a themed napkin.

  31. Tote Bags
    A practical, stylish, and eco-friendly way to gift mishloach manot.

    $3 OR UNDER

  32. 10 Inch Round Plastic Appetizer Tray with Lid – 5 Compartment Container
    These five-compartment trays come with a lid (no plastic wrap or cellophane to deal with!).

  33. Clear Window Gift Boxes
    Sleek modern design, clear window, and a price that won’t break the bank? Yes, please!

  34. 4 Square Shaped Clear Boxes with Square Tray
    This is one of our favorite boxes on this list. They’re so unique and elegant, everyone will be asking where you found them.

  35. Clear Plastic Gift Boxes with Base, Lid & Ribbon
    Perfect for taller items like pretzel sticks or biscotti.

  36. Excavator Machine Shaped Acrylic Candy Boxes
    Fun, kid-friendly theme with a clean look. You can fill these with whatever you like and they will look magnificent.

  37. Candy Box Shaped Acrylic Candy Boxes
    How cute are these? They look super expensive, but are under $3 each!

  38. Camping Mugs
    Steel mugs that are lightweight and unbreakable, so you don’t have to worry about them shattering en route to their destination. Especially cute for a camping/outdoorsy theme.

  39. Girls Tea Party Hats
    Adorable for a girls’ mishloach manot.


  40. Hanging Flower Pots
    White flower pots will lend a lush look to any mishloach manot.

  41. Bread Baskets
    Whichever size and style you choose, these serving baskets are a lavish base on which to build a mishloach manot.

  42. Slate Charcuterie Boards (With Chalk!)
    Send this board along with an assortment of cheese, fresh fruit, and gourmet crackers. Don’t forget to write a personal message on the board before wrapping it up.

  43. Pet Bowls
    Doing an animal-themed Purim? These feeding bowls are adorable for any family zoo, veterinarian, or pet theme.

  44. Large Plastic Canisters
    Pile it up with small fruits or candy for a striking gift.

  45. Rectangular Drawer Organizer
    These heavy-duty acrylic boxes are versatile enough to work with any style of mishloach manot.


  46. Crown Royal Bags
    Purple whiskey bags that are totally unique and Purim-esque!

  47. Mini Paint Cans
    These mini paint cans are perfect for an artist theme.




Now that you’ve found your perfect packaging, be sure to check out our mishloach manot lifestyle articles for ideas for themes, recipes, and other Purim inspiration!


Originally published March 2020. Updated and improved February 2022.