The Most Creative Mishloach Manot Ideas

LovePaperie February 20, 2018

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These days, it seems like everyone is coming up with new and creative ways to give Mishloach Manot (gift baskets) on Purim. Want some inspiration of your own? We asked the brilliant creative minds at LovePaperie to come up with some exciting themes and ideas to make this Purim spectacular.


Idea #1: Champagne and Chocolates

A hurricane lantern makes a stylish gift no matter what’s inside. We filled this one with a bottle of champagne and delicious cocobliss milk chocolates, to light your way into the Best Mishloach Manot history books. 


Idea #2: Cheese Board 

What pairs better with red wine than cheese? We can’t think of anything, so we laid this gourmet cheese selection on a vintage wooden cheese board and finished it off with custom burlap tags. Practical and delicious. 


Idea #3: Sangria time!


Every time is “sangria time,” but on Purim, it’s especially appropriate. We created these in two versions so you never have to choose: Red wine and Rose sangria. The ingredients and recipe are customed printed to go along for the ride, so that the recipient has it all ready to go for their seudah.


Idea #4: Relaxation Party

This one’s for the girls. We wanted it to be perfect to give to your friend, mom, sister… Everyone deserves to be pampered, and this Mishloach Manot is like a DIY kit for just that. We found this tray and glass jar at Home Goods and filled them with candles, lotions, bath bombs, and delicious artisan chocolates.


Feeling inspired? Tag @kosherdotcom and @lovepaperie with your creative creations!