4 Reasons You Should Be Making Doughnuts at Home

Mussy Raitman December 3, 2018

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By Mussy Raitman, Lubicom Staff


It’s 2018. There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be making a batch of your own fresh homemade doughnuts this Chanukah.


Only YOUR kitchen can achieve that peak freshness.


Getting scientific for a minute; during the first few hours, doughnuts are meant to have a crisp exterior and soft inside. This is a direct result of the measurements and ingredients used. It’s those first minutes post ‘deep fry’ that send your doughnuts off the charts. Most people don’t know about it because they settle for store-bought doughnuts that have been injected with more than just strawberry jelly.


Not only are the ingredients cheap, but with the hacks and tips that have gone viral this week, making doughnuts is way easier than perceived.




Here are 4 reasons your doughnuts at home will surpass store-bought:



  1. Seasoned Dough
    Under the heavy toppings and thick glazes doughnuts are kind of understated. The dough is plain, and if you don’t get some filling with every bite, they could be dry.

    This year spice things up (quite literally) by seasoning your own dough. This could be; grated citrus for those good old jelly doughnuts, or just some ground nutmeg, matcha powder, cocoa or vanilla. Match your seasoned dough to a filling that pairs well and you’ve just created your very own mouthwatering – down to the last bite, doughnuts. The flavoring doesn’t need to be all in those calorie covered, sugary toppings.

  2. Glazes/Fillings
    The options are endless when it comes to homemade doughnuts. No rules, no limitations, just you and 1000 recipes to choose from. If it’s the third night you can go for something richer like homemade caramel sauce or fresh berry marmalade. Eighth night and you’re probably thinking something light, a Greek yogurt glaze or a lemon poppy seed filling. The possibilities are endless in your kitchen, allowing you to truly monitor not only the sugar intake but also the density and flavor combinations.
  3. Frying
    When it comes to oil we all want to be in control of how much and what type we consume. People often don’t realize there are basic health rules that are imperative when frying with oil. (Read 8 Tips for Frying Safely.) When making doughnuts at home you’re more in control. You are aware of how hot the oil remains, how many times you can reuse the same oil if your doughnuts are cooking too quickly or too slowly and more importantly the ability to drain them right away.

    P.S. Brown paper bags absorb oil way better than paper towels.

  4. Leftovers
    Doughnuts the next day aren’t terrible, but let’s be honest they just aren’t the same. They’re a little dryer, crumbier and the glaze is probably all off if not gone.

    The beauty in leftover doughnuts? Killer dessert ideas. Doughnut pieces on top of dairy ice cream. The base for a ridiculously rich bread pudding. Sweet topping for your morning yogurt bowl. Now you can also benefit from the guest with amazing self-control.