Ensure Your Kids will Enjoy the Seder with These 5 Tips

Esti Berkowitz March 26, 2018

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We are just a few days away from Passover and cleaning, cooking, shopping, and more cleaning are on all of our minds. And this year we may be more stressed than ever. But don’t worry having a strategy to keep your kids engaged at the Passover Seder, doesn’t have to add to your stress. Here are 5 ways that we’ve used year after year and they are primetime-approved.


Rest is best, especially with a big night of storytelling and eating ahead. Request that everyone take at least an hour nap during the afternoon to avoid sleepiness and crankiness during the Seder. This will not only help them, it will help the older folks as well.


Set the Table
Prepare the seating, table scape, and props to tell the Passover story with your children. Have each child decorate a pillow case for each guest with their name on it. Map out with your children how to display their school projects so that all of the guests see them. Have each child give over something special about their project and what it means to them.


Bring Your Own Haggadah
Each Haggadah made by your children has its own style that can be expressed during the Passover Seder.  Have the kids take turns reading from their own Haggadahs and sharing something special they learned in school.


The Food
Allow your children to select a recipe and make it with you for the meal. Make a Passover menu at each place setting and by each recipe with the name of the child that prepared it.  They will want to stay up late enough to eat their favorite dessert with the Afikoman.


Discuss the importance of the Afikoman and the prize for the child who can find it. Pick a prize that is relevant and will keep the children interested. Money is a prize no one can complain about.


These are just a few ideas and I hope you enjoy them, and have a wonderful Passover Seder and next year may we be in Jerusalem!