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6 Amazing Grab-&-Go Snacks for Chol Hamoed

6 Amazing Grab-&-Go Snacks for Chol Hamoed

It’s 2 PM on Chol Hamoed, and you’ve finally settled the chorus of “Where are we going today?”


Below are our top 10 snacks for your grab bag. Pack ’em and go! Next up: “Are we there yet?”


Haddar Pressed Pretzels:


Have your pretzels crisp and crunchy, the way they’re meant to be. Haddar’s irresistible oven-baked pretzels will thrill kids and adults as a perfect gluten-free snack.


Heaven & Earth Date Bites:


This delicious snack is made of blended Valencia almonds, Californian dates, and dark chocolate, with the softest sprinkling of coconut. This melt-in-your-mouth morsel is enough to satisfy your natural health-nut leanings as well as your need for something sweet.


Heaven & Earth Veggie Dippers:


Snack without the guilt with these crispy Plantain Crisps from Heaven & Earth. Peeled, sliced, and baked to crunchy Ecuadorian perfection, This new snack is packed with veggies and is a wonderful alternative to the old potato chip.


Heaven & Earth Chocolate:


It’s time to enjoy chocolate the way it’s meant to be. These No Sugar Added chocolate bars from Heaven & Earth are perfect for the diet-conscious and those concerned about sugar intake.


Gefen Coconut S’mores:


Two soft, pillowy marshmallows over a biscuit drizzled with luscious chocolate deliver the delightful taste of s’more heaven.


Gefen Tea Biscuits:


These new tea biscuits from Gefen make a perfect gluten-free snack. Crisp and crunchy and available in both Vanilla and Chocolate.