6 Ways to Make Your Sukkah Extra Cozy

Goldy Buxbaum September 27, 2023

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Sukkot is upon us again, and it’s such a beautiful time of the year. The summer has almost left us, and fall is just around the corner. It’s the perfect season.

Hashem surrounded us in the desert with clouds of protection, and we commemorate that by living in our temporary outdoor homes during the holiday. There is something so pleasant about sitting in our humble dwelling for eight full days. What’s even more amazing is we’re tasked with the mitzvah of making it beautiful. Hashem wants us to enjoy that festive time in the sukkah by decorating it!

Silver foil crafts created by the delicate hands of young children are something to cherish and decorate our sukkahs with. However, in addition to that, there are so many ways to add a bit of coziness and personality, too. The right decor adds significant elements to reach the right ambiance. Some additional touches such as colored accessories and lighting evoke positive feelings.

Choosing a complete decor theme is awesome, but you can also instill a bit of creativity with some simple touches to create a whole new vibe.

We are so happy to share some signature looks with easy-to-click links so you can elevate your sukkah with true holiday beauty.

1. Add Furniture

Nothing says cozy like a few spots to lounge!

I love hanging chairs: they don’t take up too much space, they’re so comfy, and they look great. You can get this look with regular chairs such as these as well. Or go for an outdoor rocking chair. (You may want to get more than one because everyone will want a turn!) Add a coordinating throw and rug – and you have yourself your own little oasis.

2. Accessorize

Take it a step further and use some accessories to decorate your table: placemats that can be used as chargers, rustic candles, or pillows. If you’re the uber practical type, this flatware caddy is perfect for those too-close-for-comfort-sized sukkahs.

3. Bring the Outdoors In

Plants are another great way to add some beauty to your sukkah. Look at this set of hanging planters – they’re beautiful to hang from the s’chach and a great way to upgrade from those hanging floral balls. These tabletop bowls with greenery are super practical, since, unlike fresh flowers, they aren’t sensitive to weather. Or fill this walled garden with custom floral arrangements using floral foam or chicken coop wire.

4. Light It Up!

Another element I love in the sukkah is string lights. They are so easy to hang with zip ties as opposed to those clunky fluorescent light fixtures that, dare I say, are ugly. In addition to string lights looking pretty, these bulbs are yellow and make the sukkah feel cozy as opposed to white fluorescent bulbs that are perfect for a school lunchroom.

If you’re into more of a dramatic, stylish piece, go for this outdoor pendant. The sharpness of the black is sure to make a statement. Have you seen a cooler fixture?

And if you’re looking for a glow without needed to hang it up, these decorative walkway lights add an instant WOW factor.

5. Keep the Summer Vibe Alive

I don’t know about you, but I love a pop of color. This year, Sukkot is in September, which makes me want to hold on to summer a bit longer. The whole atmosphere and vibe are so much more fun when color is involved. The color yellow is symbolic of warmth, sunshine, and positivity, and that’s a big part of Yom Tov.

Visualize the difference an extra piece of sunshine can add to your sukkah. Check out these cool pom pom pillows that can be placed in a corner or this little end table that’s so gorgeous and super practical for putting things down.

Or add these stylish honeycomb or pom pom curtains to your sukkah walls. Happy, fun, elegant, sophisticated, and classy. Yup, all of that in a couple of curtains. A couple of table accessories or some white and yellow flowers and your table becomes a statement piece with little effort involved.

6. Tray Chic

Another addition to your sukkah (quite frankly, it’s almost a must-have) that you’ll get to enjoy for years to come is a serving trolley. This is a fantastic item to have. You can keep all your serving and plating supplies on it, like plates, cups, and cutlery. Or keep it stocked with assorted treats like cookies, nuts, and chocolates all Sukkot long in addition to drinks, making you the perfect host.

You can also use it to serve from. Bring your soup and other hot dishes to the sukkah and serve them there. This way, you can host, enjoy the lively conversations, and not have to hone your juggling skills to get the food from the kitchen to the table. Not all additions are for aesthetics only! It’s always nice to have a pretty addition with an extra purpose.

There are so many options out there that can be bought and used to take your sukkah to a whole new cozy and warm level! The inspiration and links shared in this article are sure to make your sukkah appropriately festive for this special holiday.

Admit it, which item(s) are you swooning over?


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