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7 Incredible Fall Destinations To Visit In The Northeast

7 Incredible Fall Destinations To Visit In The Northeast

Postcard-worthy views in real life.


That’s what scenic destinations deliver in the fall. It’s one of those must-see, must-go, must-do bucket list items for fall. The foliage in fall is art in nature. Simply picturesque, there’s no better way to describe it. Whether you’re the road-tripping type, love adventure, or bask in the glory of nature, there’s something for everyone.


Would you love to take a scenic route and spend some time in the car driving around with your mouth open wide in wonder? Perhaps you would appreciate a destination with some fun outdoor activity that’s a bit daring and gets your adrenaline going? Or are you an in-between personality — is an outdoor scenic destination with a nice hike more your vision of a day well spent? Regardless of your preference, I suggest you head out and enjoy the beauty out there. Fall foliage peaks in October and November; it’s a really short season. After that, the trees are bare for months on end. So head out quickly and enjoy!



Here are 7 incredible destinations to choose from:


1. Hunter Mountain, NY – Ziplining



Located in the Catskill Mountains, Hunter Mountain is the destination of choice all year round, but the views are breathtaking in the fall.


Additionally, Hunter Mountain is home to the largest zipline tour in North America. Imagine soaring 600 feet above ground through the fiery colors with views reserved for birds. A bit daring, but worth it! They do offer three different package options based on your preference.


Imagine a Costa Rica adventure outing right here in New York, and it’s under a three-hour drive away.


2. Whiteface Mountain, NY – Scenic Driving



Whiteface Mountain in the Adirondacks has one of the highest peaks in New York with incredible views. On a clear day, you can see Vermont and as far as Canada. The Whiteface Veterans Memorial Highway, which is only five miles long, ascends 2,300 feet. This road takes you almost all the way to the top and boasts the most gorgeous views New York has to offer. To get all the way up to the top of the mountain, you will have to do some climbing. It’s well worth it, though.


3. Lake Placid, NY – Boating



This beautiful lake destination with mountains is located in the Adirondacks. Yes, it’s near Whiteface Mountain, but it’s a destination on its own. A pristine, charming lakeside town surrounded by the most majestic mountains.


From late September to early November, surround yourself with the best of fall foliage there is.


Although it’s cool, it isn’t hot or freezing in the fall. Take a boat ride out on the lake and relax while enjoying the beautiful hues of the trees and mountains around you.


4. Killington, VT – Mountain Biking



Skiing isn’t the only reason to visit Killington! Come a bit early and enjoy the foliage. Seventy-five percent of Vermont is covered by forest. Understandably, there’s no better place to visit in the fall than Vermont.


Killington has incredible hiking and, if you want a thrill, incredible mountain biking too. Visit Killington Bike Park; there are a variety of downhill trails to choose from all at different skill levels. It’s a real thrill ride.


5. Bear Mountain, NY – Walking the Bridge



It’s incredible how if you live in the NYC area with all the traffic, noise, and garbage there’s a getaway available just a scant two hours away. Cross the George Washington Bridge and take the Palisades Parkway all the way to Bear Mountain State Park. The drive up is reason enough to run away for the day.


Hiking isn’t the only activity that can be enjoyed at the mountain. Did you ever walk across a bridge that wasn’t the Brooklyn Bridge? Try walking across the Bear Mountain Bridge and getting a view of cliffs, mountains, trees, and the red, orange, and yellow fall foliage. Walking the bridge is quite popular this time of year, to the point that it hosts more pedestrian traffic than vehicular traffic.


Bear Mountain also features a trailside museum and zoo as well as a lake and picnic areas. It’s definitely the destination for all.


6. Poconos State Park, PA – Horseback Riding



The Pocono Mountains are known for their beautiful mountain views and hiking trails as well as scenic drives. Which are unbelievably nice. You even get mountaintop views of Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey.


But there’s another way to enjoy the changing colors of the leaves, and that, my dear friend, is on horseback. Saddle up and take a ride through the Poconos. Ride nature, see nature, and feel nature. Seriously – you’ll be sore when you get off. But again, worth every aching bone and muscle.


7. High Point, NJ – Hiking



Unlike the destinations farther north, the trees in High Point State Park peak mid-October to early November. If you think you missed your chance, head to New Jersey. This park has over fifty miles of trails to explore and three lakes to visit – it’s huge, covering well over fifteen thousand acres of land. Find the 220-foot monument. Climb to the top and award yourself views of the Catskills and the Poconos.


No matter the destination you choose, you’ll come home feeling refreshed rather than exhausted. Nature is magical that way.


Stop for a moment and realize what a beautiful parting gift we get when the season turns cold. It’s unbelievable how when the leaves prepare to fall they turn into a brilliant color palette and not an ugly shade of brown.


We’re so lucky. Make sure to head out there and enjoy our good fortune!



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