8 Unique Menorahs For Chanukah

Goldy Buxbaum December 5, 2022

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“Tradition, tradition!” Traditions are beautiful and unique to every culture but may have been somewhat romanticized by Tevye in “Fiddler on the Roof.” There’s a simplistic beauty in conventional standards passed down from generation to generation, but often we find ourselves wanting something a bit different and expressive.

Menorahs come in many shapes and sizes, and while we might have an image of what a “normal” one should look like, a rather impressive variety come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. Compiling the list below, I had way more fun than anticipated, as endless options range from elegant/classy to downright wacky. Whether you use them for their intended function or merely to display around the house, there’s something for everyone here.


1. Oversized Menorah


Go big or go home! This Rod and Flame menorah is sure to make a statement. This menorah does the trick for those wishing to take pirsumei nissah quite literally. The extra-tall style is crafted from premium metals and designed with a modern, sleek look. It’s the perfect way to finish your living room look all Chanukah long. Being so tall, you don’t need to find a table to hold your menorah, making it practical. All you have to do is find the best spot for you – no table or menorah stands needed.


2. Marble & Brass Menorah


This neat menorah is made of marble and brass candleholders. It’s almost symbolic of the Greeks vs. the Jews during the Chanukah story – the strong Greek Empire against the meek few Jews, and that despite everything, we came out on top with our flame permanently ignited. It’s classy and elegant with a clean look. It’s beautiful and makes the perfect centerpiece with or without candles—ideal for the discerning individual who appreciates something contemporary yet different.


3. Acrylic Vase Menorah



This is a beautiful piece of art that you’d be reluctant to pack away even when Chanukah is a distant memory, its beauty alone will garner lots of attention and compliments. But more than that, this acrylic menorah has a removable shamash, doubling as a centerpiece flower vase. Long after the flames have died and you vowed never to touch another latke, donut, or anything fried again, you’ll still be enjoying this beautiful piece.


4. Pluses Menorah



This cool, neat, sleek design will add a pulse to your Chanukah decor. Functional and fabulous, it comes in many different colors. It fits candles perfectly and has a nice symmetrical look. Line up a few in various colors for a happy pop at your celebration. The sturdy metal material will ensure it lasts many years and build many happy memories. The many color choices enable you to pick the one you like most, and if you’re undecided, take them all. There’s no such thing as too much beauty.


5. Marble Octagonal Menorah



Hey, traditional, there’s a new menorah on the block. The design on this is simply brilliant and creative. Think of it as a marble octagon-shaped cylinder. Each side has an indentation to fit the candle for that night of Chanukah. You use the side with two holes the first night, turn it the next night, and continue doing that for all eight nights. How cool is that? And the best part is it wipes clean—that easy. Beautiful and functional, now we’re talking.


6. Traveling Menorah



It’s vacation time, and it’s Chanukah too. That means you need one carry-on just for the menorah and related paraphernalia when you’re traveling. What if I told you that is so last decade? Enter the magnetic traveling menorah. It’s the size of a card box holder. If you can’t fit that into your luggage, you probably overpacked again and may need an intervention. Not only is it practical, but it’s also designed in sectional fun-colored magnetic pieces so you can lay it out as per your preferences. Did I mention that candles are included?


7. Dancing Menorah


Boy, am I glad you stuck around till now because this is where things get imaginative. This fun set of five dancing women holding candles aloft will get the attention of your family members and guests. To get your creative juices flowing, you can arrange these in different ways to make it feel like you’re using a different menorah every night. These beautiful gold-dancing women will lift your mood and get you in the holiday spirit. 


8. Cadillac Menorah



You couldn’t quite cut it as a top-tier Mary Kay salesperson? No worries, you can still reward yourself with that pink Cadillac you’ve been eying for so long. This vintage and multifunctional car menorah is sure to delight your kids as it pulls double duty as both a functional menorah and an accurate rendition of this metal monster of the 1960s. Fair warning, though, car lovers tend to ramble a bit about how “cars used to be cars” when setting eyes on this beauty.

For a traditional holiday that is chock-full of fun, these menorahs sure fit every taste, style, and budget. What a fun way to shine our light onto the world!


All fired up! 


Happy Chanukkah!

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