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9 Organizers Under $30 to Curb Your Kitchen Chaos

Kosher.com Staff October 23, 2018

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We spend a lot of time in our kitchens—whether it’s making masterpieces or defrosting frozen meals (AKA defrosting masterpieces). Yet, we don’t spend much time making sure it’s a functional, efficient space. These nine products, all tried and true recommendations from the staff at Kosher.com, will change that and create a kitchen space worth spending all of your time in! 


Universal Knife Block

Chanie says, “Knives need TLC. They can’t be thrown together in a drawer. A. Because that causes your knives to get nicked and dull when they hit each other and other random things in the drawer b. Because you can get hurt when you fish around in there for something! This block is awesome for so many reasons, so let’s try to do this fast. You can get lots of knives in there, you can get them in quicker than the blocks with specific slots. I like how it stands upright and takes up less counter space, and I love the chrome finish!”



Blender Bottle


Leah says, “These bottles are my latest obsession. I’ve been wanting to try making protein shakes in the mornings, but I hated the thought of dealing with a messy blender and finding room to store it. Problem solved!”



Shelf Dividers 1 and 2

Renee says, “The kitchen in my rental apartment, with its awkward tall cabinets, would not be functional without these. I use them to double my shelf space and it’s almost like having a custom-built kitchen! (Almost.)”



Dish Drying Rack + Mat In One 

Chaia says, “I use this exact dish drying rack because I have a tiny space near my dairy dishes. The mat is washable and the rack holds dishes and cups.”



Lazy Susan

Michal keeps two of these in her cabinet for her spices. Using round containers to organize round objects (spice containers, cans, jars, etc.) maximizes your available space.




Spice Rack

Rivi prefers keeping this spice rack out on the counter, perfect for seeing everything at a glance.



Wall-Mounted Spice Shelves

Renee says, “I love this Pinterest hack. These can be used for spices as intended… but also to hold all and sundry in any room of the house. Books in the kids’ bedrooms, makeup in the bathroom, the possibilities are endless. We use them to display my husband’s collection of shot glasses.”



Can Dispenser

Nechama says, “If you use a lot of canned foods, you know how much room they take up and how hard it can be to find exactly what you’re looking for without pulling each item out one by one. With an organized can dispenser like this one you can see all of the cans you have at once.” Plus, preparing dinner feels that much more whimsical when your pantry is basically a personal vending machine.