A Chanukah Gift From Us To You

Kosher.com Staff December 13, 2023

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We’ve had such an amazing Chanukah 2023 season, but it’s not over yet!

We’re taking a minute to talk to you about one of our favorite features at kosher.com — our email newsletter!

If you haven’t signed up to receive our newsletters yet, well, you’re kind of missing out.

Every Wednesday we send out a beautifully curated Shabbat menu with a special Shabbat letter from our editors, and on Thursdays we send out all of our new content from the week (so you never miss what’s happening at kosher.com). We send out exciting announcements and bonus emails for holidays (with so much helpful content). Plus, every Shabbat email includes a wine recommendation!

On top of all that, right now is your chance to also get a FREE CHANUKAH COOKBOOK when you sign up for emails!

This cookbook features so many amazing recipes that have been hand-picked from our site to ensure you’re choosing the most tried-and-true recipes!

Not only are the recipes amazing, but the cookbook itself is beautiful to look at! We hope you enjoy this little gift from us to you.

Happy Chanukah!