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A Look At Vera’s New Cookbook, Marblespoon At Home

Malky Gestetner December 28, 2023

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Vera Newman’s first cookbook, Marblespoon, was released in 2020 and it immediately became known as a smash hit in the kosher culinary world. A nod to the marble accents she loves in her home, Marblespoon quickly became a staple in thousands of homes. The recipes were beautiful and easy to create, and now, only three years later, Vera is back with Marblespoon at Home, a cookbook that once again promises low effort with high results. As a busy mom, Vera set out to create over 150 recipes that could be easily replicated by any home cook, with results that would rival high end restaurant-quality dishes. Nestled amongst the vibrant recipes are tablescape how-tos and other valuable tips and tricks. Photography and styling of all the images were also done by Vera, who boasts the title of event planner and caterer in addition to cookbook author!

Vera’s career in the kitchen only began once she got married. She quickly realized her passion and talent and with her husband’s encouragement, has made it her life’s work. Vera was raised in Panama, and later settled in Detroit, and her diverse cultural background shines through in her cooking. There are nods to Middle Eastern, South American, Jewish, and Italian culture in the recipes in Marblespoon at Home. There are classic favorites, such as Mini Chicken Wonton Tacos, as well as recipes that reference her Panamanian roots, such as Ladopsomo. All the recipes utilize common kitchen ingredients, even the more unique ones, making it easy for home chefs to experiment with new flavors at home.

Flipping through the cookbook, Vera’s ability to create, photograph, and style all the food in such a professional and beautiful manner stands out. What’s even more impressive is her inclusion of stunning tablescapes matching each section’s vibe. The cookbook begins with a section dedicated to starters and dips, ranging from fried dishes to healthier options, all beautifully presented. The London Broil Carpaccio with Mint-Pistachio Gremolata stands out as an impressive dish to serve guests. 

What is sure to become a favorite part of this cookbook is Vera’s ingenious inclusion of a whole section dedicated to “Weeknight Suppers.” These recipes are all about family meals: simple to make, using everyday ingredients, warm and yummy and satisfying for the entire family. My family loved the One-Pan Potatoes and Drumettes (find the full review and recipe below), an elevated take on chicken and potatoes, and the recipe for Fassoulia once again evokes Middle Eastern flavors.

The recipes I tried were easy to prepare, and looked and tasted phenomenal. Here are my favorites from the book, shared with permission from ArtScroll.

1. Cashew Chicken

Prep: The prep work was minimal and the dish came together easily and quickly.

Results: The chicken had an incredible crisp—I’d say even more than any recipe I’ve ever tried. The broccoli and the rice were the perfect accompaniment, and the sauce was restaurant-quality level delicious.

2. One-Pan Potatoes and Drumettes

The second recipe I tried was a simple twist on a classic: chicken and potatoes.

Prep: The prep, once again, was minimal and very quick, which is great if you’re short on time until dinner. 

Results: This meal was finished to the last drop. It was tasty and different from my usual chicken, yet not too different, and my family devoured it all.

Vera Newman’s Marblespoon at Home has redefined my approach to home cooking, proving that simplicity and incredible flavors can indeed be achieved. Vera’s accomplishment as a young mother and chef, now with her second cookbook, is above and beyond her contemporaries. Her ability to craft such a deep culinary guide with this range of styles and ideas is truly remarkable, making Marblespoon at Home an inspiring addition to any home cook’s collection.

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