Have You Tried Burnt “Basque” Cheesecake? Here’s Why You Should.

Shushy Turin May 23, 2022

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Burnt Basque cheesecake is probably something you’ve seen taking over your social media feeds over the last few years. If you have approached these photos with skepticism, let me ease your concern and assure you that it is only because you have not yet tasted the incredible flavor and texture that you are still incredulous.

What is Basque Cheesecake?

While the burnt top of the cheesecake may look wrong, combined with the just-solid center of vanilla sweetened cream, it stands as a perfect foil for the ultimate compilation. Browning the lactose and additional sugars on the surface creates a Maillard reaction, which adds depth and intrigue to the flavor of the cheesecake. Instead of the traditional New York-style cheesecake that we’ve come to expect, the flavor here is deeper, more sophisticated, and melts in your mouth with its custard center.

It’s SO much easier than traditional cheesecake

If that doesn’t convince you, making this cheesecake is amazing just for the fact that no water bath (Bain Marie) or crust is required. No more wondering whether or not your crust has cracked or cragged. Here, cracks are welcome. The rustic imperfection is celebrated with this cheesecake, leaving little doubt for even the most hesitant of bakers.

How to make Basque Cheesecake

The assembly is simple. Whisk together the sugar, cream cheese, and heavy cream. Add the vanilla and salt. The trick is to gently add in the eggs without creating too many bubbles. Gently folding that in with the flour will ensure the most beautiful cheesecake, which is not necessary here, but always appreciated. Be sure to use high-quality vanilla so that you get a true vanilla flavor.

How will I know when it’s done baking?

The hang-up about cheesecake is always, “How do I know that it’s finished?” The answer is simply that the center jiggles like a pudding. Cheesecake is basically a cheese custard which sets once it’s cold. Bearing that in mind, the goal is not to have a toothpick come out of the center clean like you’d want for other cakes.

This cheesecake is 100% for those who appreciate a good salted chocolate chip cookie. For those who know that a little bit of bitter enhances the sweet. I highly recommend trying it once, or at least bribing your sister-in-law to make it.

Without futher ado…

Burnt “Basque” Cheesecake Recipe 


4 8 oz bricks of cream cheese
1.5 cups heavy cream
2 cups sugar
2 tsp vanilla
1/2 tsp salt
6 eggs
1/3 c flour


1. In a bowl, whisk the first 5 ingredients until smooth. Fold in the eggs and flour. Pour into a springform or round pan lined with parchment.

2. Bake at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for 35-40 minutes or until the center is slightly jiggly like a pudding and the top is deep brown.

3. Cool for at least two hours at room temperature before placing in the fridge. Remove from fridge 15 minutes prior to serving.