Table Decor and Flowers

An Uplifting and Beautiful Passover Table

Jackie Yesharim March 21, 2020

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It’s true what they say after all, man plans and God laughs. These few weeks have put the entire community at a standstill, with our heads spinning and schedules being adjusted to the best of our abilities. While the whole world can stop spinning, we cannot stop. We must continue with our lives to the best that we can, and with our Passover plans all having been changed, please look at this as an opportunity. An opportunity to surround yourself in intimacy with your family in your home and make the best of your situation.


While my own plans have changed from big dinners & hosted lunches, to more intimate dinners and quick lunches for my kids, I am putting my effort to make this Passover as beautiful as can be, physically and spiritually.



I created a tablescape to represent light, green hues, and woods to represent the earth, and customized Haggadahs because, well, we have a lot of time during quarantine!



This is an important opportunity to lead with love rather than fear, and to spend quality time with our loved ones.



May we all get together this Passover and illuminate in our darkest hours, “for only after being in the dark can we appreciate the light.”  May you light up your Passover table this year with light, love, family and health.