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The Perfect Mishloach Manot For Teachers

The Perfect Mishloach Manot  For Teachers

Sponsored by Bartenura


How cute is this before-and-after-work concept? Donuts and a coffee shop gift card for before work and everyone’s favorite Moscato (now available in a convenient can), all matched up with a copper straw, for after!



You read that right! Ice cold soda isn’t the only thing filling mishloach manot this year. Canned wine has been on the rise, and we’re happy to say that one of your favorite wines has never been easier to gift! 



These beautiful little cans are lighter than the classic bottles of wine-perfect for Mishloach Manot. They are easy to transport and stay cooler for longer. They are pretty much as good as wine can get for Purim.


And who better to give the gift of this boozy bev to than a hard working teacher to make them feel so appreciated for all their hard work?  



A matching band around the entire box featuring “World’s Greatest Teacher” will seal the deal of appreciation for them. You can also grant some recognition to a workmate, employee, or anyone who does the daily grind. 


Cheers to that.


You will need:


  • Clear box for donuts
  • 2 chocolate-glazed donuts
  • Copper edible paint and paintbrush, to paint the donuts
  • Gift card
  • Labels- 1.5 by 2 inches 
  • Band- 4 by 17 inches



Author: Esther Ottensoser
Editorial: Rachel Kor
Photography: Hudi Greenberger

Graphics- OMG Designs