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Best Places To Visit On Your Family Trip To Israel

Goldy Buxbaum January 23, 2023

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It’s the nightmare we all dream of. The privilege of taking your entire family to experience Israel.


Walk in our forefathers’ pathways, indulge in our culture’s delectables, and drive a hard bargain like a seasoned Sabra.


With all that comes exploring the sights (simplistic Yerushalmim), sounds (think Machne Yehuda), and smells (the land of milk and honey).


In Israel, everything is laced with history and mini Torah sessions. So how do you know which attractions are best for your family? 


We divided sights into two categories, fun family activities, and traditional historical landmarks.


Take a look below and find an experience best-suited for your family!


Please note: We do not endorse the kashrut of any specific eatery on this list. 


Fun family activities:

Not all activities below are appropriate for young children.


Chocolate factory tours are packed with chocolate-related activities where you walk out with a Kosher treat.


Visit: Galita or De Karina


Candle-making factories where you see how all the different candles we use are made, Shabbat, Havdalah, and Chanukah, plus more.


Visit: Safed candle-making factory


Zoos are always fun and special when you see the animals used in the Bais Hamikdash.


Visit: Biblical Zoo, Gan Garoo, Ramat Gan Safari, The Biblical Museum of Natural History


Camelback riding or jeeping through fields where you learn about the history of our culture right beneath your feet.


Visit: Camelback riding and Jeeping options


Blind Museum, which Israel is well known for, must be reserved months in advance.


Visit: Blind Museum


Beit Haddasah in Chevron has an excellent museum and a 4D children’s movie.


Visit: Beit Haddasah in Chevron


Wine tours across Israel with wines you can sample since it’s all Kosher.


Visit: Shiloh, Castel, Psagot, Barkan, Binyamina, Carmel, Gush Etzion, Jezreel, Netofa, Tabor


Food crawls through Shuk Machne Yehuda and indulge in its menagerie of flavors.


Lounge on the beaches across Israel with separate year-round swimming.


Visit: Dead Sea, Eilat, Netanya


Spiritual and historical landmarks:


Yam Hamelach has no other place like it on Earth. Float in a sea of salt.


Visit: Yam Hamelach


Ir Dovid Tours take you through underground tunnels where you can see the remains of Dovid Hamelech’s times and the water tunnels created by King Chizkiyahu.


Visit: Ir Dovid Tours


Kotel and the Kotel’s tunnels tour the entire extent of the Western Wall found beneath the Muslim Quarter in the Old City.


Visit: Kotel and the Kotel’s tunnels


Rosh Hanikra, on the border of Israel and Lebanon, is a series of caverns naturally formed by the sea hitting them.


Visit: Rosh Hanikra


Akko, an ancient port city between Haifa and Rosh Hanikra, is a historical city with an Israeli Arab marketplace featuring foods from around the world.


Visit: Akko


Kever Rochel is a must. No trip is complete without a visit to our matriarch Rachel.


Visit: Kever Rochel


Walk the streets of the Old City. There’s something for everyone there, and always something happening at any given hour.

Visit: Old City


Masada is a nice spot to visit near the Dead Sea. It’s an unreal natural landscape full of historical architectural remains.


Visit: Masada


The best part of all this is the combination of fun, spiritual, historical, and unlimited kosher food all over the country. There is no place like Israel.


One more thing, when planning your itinerary, bear in mind that on the first day or two, all everyone does is sleep. Take that into account before scheduling paid tours.


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