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Can I Use A Transparent Challah Cover to Cover the Lechem Mishneh?

OU Kosher June 8, 2022

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By: The OU Kosher Halacha Yomis Team


Can I Use A Transparent Challah Cover (e.g., a see-through plastic) To Cover The Lechem Mishneh?


Rav Belsky, zt”l (Shulchan HaLevi 6:10) writes that there are three reasons why we cover the challahs. One reason is to remember the mon which was covered with dew (Tosfos Pesachim 100b). According to this reason, a transparent covering would be sufficient. However, there are two other reasons why we cover the challahs:


  • We cover the challahs so they should not be “embarrassed” that we are reciting Kiddush before hamotzi. (Ordinarily, hamotzi is recited before borei pri hagofen.) (Tur Orach Chaim 271).


  • We cover the challahs to demonstrate that the challah is being served in honor of Shabbos. In theory, we should bring the challahs to the table after Kiddush, but because we don’t want to create a hefsek (disruption) between Kiddush and the meal, we set the challahs on the table before Kiddush and cover them. After Kiddush, by uncovering the challahs, it is as if the challahs were just brought to the table (Tosfos ibid.).


According to these latter two reasons, it would be inappropriate to use a transparent challah cover.