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Can The Same Set Of Utensils Be Used For Fish And Meat?

OU Kosher July 8, 2021

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By: Halacha Yomit team of OU KOSHER

The Tur (Y.D. 116) says that there are those who are stringent to use separate utensils for fish and meat, just as is done for meat and milk. In both instances we are concerned that the taste of the first food will be absorbed into the utensil, and it will then be expelled into the second item.


However, the Taz (116:2) writes that there is no sakana (danger) in using the same utensils, even without waiting 24 hours, provided the utensils are clean. This is also the opinion of the Yad Ephraim (Y.D. 116:3), and this is common custom.

If, however, fish and meat were cooked together, the pot would require kashering (see Pitchei Teshuva Y.D. 116:3).