Rosh Hashanah

Candy Simanim Gift Set

Esther Ottensoser August 17, 2021

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This Rosh Hashanah, send your family and friends this thoughtful, cute, and sweet, simanim gift set – easy to put together and easy to ship and send.


Each candy represents one of the simanim. Be creative with candies you choose, but I highly recommend using toasted marshmallow jelly beans to resemble black eyed peas…they are just the cutest!



You will need:
Nesting boxes
“Black-eyed peas”– toasted marshmallow jelly beans
“Honey”– honey candies
“Fish”– gummy fish
“Carrots”– gummy carrots
“Apple”– green apple licorice
“Dates”– dates

 Graphics by Personally Printed NJ ([email protected], 845-558-2927)




By Esther Ottensoser
Photography by Hudi Greenberger