Chanukah Unscramble Game + Free Printables!

Esther Ottensoser December 5, 2019

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These cards were a ton of fun to create.


Use this free printable Chanukah theme game at your Chanukah party or enjoy making your own themed unscramble game. For added fun, use a projector to project the words on a screen.


Chanukah Word Game 1

Chanukah Word Game 2

Chanukah Word Game 3

Chanukah Word Game 4


You can create unscramble cards in any theme using graphics and printing them out or use index cards with markers or sticker letters. Turn the letters in different directions to make it more exciting.


(You can write the correct answer on the back in very small letters should the players be stumped. This is especially advisable if the person that makes up the game is not present at the game).



To play:


1) Draw a card and immediately place it face up in the center of the play area.


2) All players race to decipher the word on the card. Depending on where you are sitting, the letters will appear differently. Also, because the letters are in unique fonts and might be upside down, a letter may not always be as it first appears. A “d” may actually be a “p.” An “h” might really be a “y.” And what appears to be a lower case “l” might really be a capital “I.”


3) The first person to guess the correct answer wins the card.


The player with the most cards is the winner.


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Photography by Prime Images Photography