Chanukah Word Stacking Game

Esther Ottensoser December 16, 2019

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Here’s for some good old-fashioned fun. Cheap, easy, and fun for any age this word stack game will have each team competing while trying to be the first to build their word stack. It’s suitable for any age and can be used with any theme. This versatile game is sure to be a keeper.



You can play the game as individuals or divided into as many teams as you want. You can give all the teams the same questions or you can make up different questions for each team.


Print out the questions below to play, or make up your own. You can also try some fun family facts at your next family get together!


Word Stacking Game – Chanukah Questions


Word Stacking Game – General Knowledge


Word Stacking Game – Family Questions




Any kind of plastic cups. I decided to use these fluorescent shot cups to make it more fun.



How to prepare the game:


  1. Pick a theme for your game.
  2. Prepare 9 questions for each team or use the same for both teams.
    Answer #1 should have one letter, #2 should have 2 letters, etc.
  3. Write the letters of the answers of each question on cups.
    For example- if the answer has 4 letters, you will use 4 cups with each letter on a different cup.
  4. Mix up the cups
  5. Give each team a list of questions and the pile of cups.


How to play the game:


  1. Each team answers all 9 questions.
  2. Find the letters in the stack of cups that matches each answer.
  3. Build a tower with the cups starting with answer #9.



Object of the game:


Be the first to complete your tower!!!


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