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CharKIDary (Makkot Prize) Board

CharKIDary (Makkot Prize) Board

By: Rachel Nayman @CookUpaWedding


Take the trend of charcuterie boards and make it your own with your kids for Pesach 2019!

In my family, we give the kids treats whenever they participate in the Seder. This year, prepare this prize board with a makkos (10 plagues) theme together with your kids! Every time they say the Manishtana (the Four Questions) or an awesome dvar Torah they grab a prize from the board!



You will need:
• Extra-large cutting board
• Paper bags to put prizes in (I got mine at Amazing Savings)
• Silver permanent marker to label bags and makkos
• Black paper for labeling


Here’s what I used for treats, but feel free to get creative.



Dam: Blood
• Plastic wine glass (Amazing Savings)
• Red fruit candy slices (I bought mine at Oh Nuts!)


Tzefardea: Frogs
• Plastic frogs (Amazing Savings)


Kinim: Lice
• Chocolate raisins (Oh Nuts!)
• Googly eyes (Amazing Savings)


Arov: Wild Animals
• Plastic animals (Amazing Savings)


Dever: Diseased Animals

• Kosher for Passover animal-shaped fruit jellies (most kosher grocery stores carry these)



Shechin: Boils
• Red sour candies (Oh Nuts!)

Barad: Hail
• Marshmallows with a red jelly bean stuck in the middle to make ice and fire! (Amazing Savings)
• also consider using freeze pops if you can figure out the logistics

Arbeh: Locusts
• Misc. green candies (Oh nuts!)
• Googly eyes (Amazing Savings)

Choshech: Darkness
The Midrash says that the Jewish people took back the jewelry the Egyptians took from them during the plague of darkness.
• Costume Jewelry (Amazing Savings or dollar store)

Bichoros: Death of the First Born
The ancient Egyptians used to “roll up” and mummify those who died.
• Fruit roll ups cut into 3–4 pieces (Oh Nuts!)



Let us know how your charKIDary board came out!