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DIY Chanukah Cookie Puzzles

DIY Chanukah Cookie Puzzles

Here is a cute idea that involves many activities. I hope you enjoy this baking, drawing, painting, and playing activity!!

Use as many square cookies as you like to create a puzzle.



You will need:


  • Square cookies using your favorite cookie dough recipe. You can use any size square cookie cutter to create your cookies (I used a 2-inch).
  • Rolled fondant or royal icing
  • Edible Paint (recipe below)
  • Paintbrush and/or q-tips for painting




1. Ice the square cookies using royal icing or rolled fondant. For rolled fondant-roll out the dough using a rolling pin and use the same cookie cutter that you used for the cookies to cut out the fondant. Attach the fondant to the cookie using a drop of karo syrup or a drop of water.

2. Using your edible markers, draw an image on the cookies.

3. Use the edible paint to paint the cookies. For best results, dab the paintbrush on a paper towel before painting the icing or use q-tips.

4. Allow to dry.



To Make Edible Paint



For each color, you will need:


  • 2 ounces Everclear or other high-proof grain alcohol



1. Place your food coloring into a container. Pour in your Everclear. Mix and cover with the lid. Let the mixture cure for about six to eight hours.


2. Strain out the gel clumps.



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Author: Esther Ottensoser

Editorial: Rachel Kor

Photography: Hudi Greenberger