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Covid-Safe To-Go Containers for Parties

Esther Pransky January 2, 2021

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Even with COVID, life goes on.

Milestone events don’t stop during a pandemic, but we’ve had to get creative figuring out how to celebrate them. Individual food packages are now standard at a simcha.

We searched the web to find you the best in COVID-friendly food containers. From cute to classy, you’ll find the perfect packaging for your simcha.

General Kiddush or Party

Going away party. Welcome back party. Anniversary. Housewarming.

There’s always a reason to celebrate, and these handy containers will work for any socially distanced party. We purposely picked boxes and bags made of clear plastic or neutral colors. They give you the most options to decorate with ribbons, tulle, or stickers to match the occasion or your color scheme.

Cupcakes and cookies are classic party fare. Try serving them in any of these:

  • Muffin or cupcake bags
  • Clear plastic cube boxes

For smaller treats, try these striking tower plastic treat boxes or these small containers with lids. You can also use the containers for healthy snacks like cut-up fruits or veggies. And these adorable 4 oz plastic bottles with caps will work for drinks or candy.

Keep the above suggestions in mind while we look at more targeted ideas for specific occasions:


Birthdays have always been a reason to have a party. (Remember Paroah?) Don’t let COVID get in the way of this time-honored tradition.

You can choose some fun containers for kids (and kids at heart).

  • Popcorn boxes – You’ll find popcorn boxes in all different colors and themes. Then fill them with plain or flavored popcorn. Chocolate-caramel drizzle, anyone?
  • Colorful treat boxes – These colorful treat boxes POP with color and are easy to assemble. They work as nosh kits for the party or goody boxes to go.
  • Self-sealing “CANDY” bags

No one will have any doubt about what’s supposed to go in these bags. Don’t even think about filling them with nuts or trail mix!

Adults celebrate birthdays, too:

  • Happy quarantine birthday boxes – Say it like it is. This is a year no one will ever forget.
  • Happy 40th birthday boxes – But what if you’re not 40? You can find similar boxes for other milestone ages, too.


Share the simcha of your COVID baby by planning a blue-themed breakfast to go! With a bagel and hot drink, you’re all set.

  • To-go bagel boxes specially made to fit bagels with or without spreads

Bar Mitzvah

Bar mitzvah boys look forward to their event for years, so a COVID celebration may be a real disappointment. Make your son feel special by personalizing bar mitzvah-themed packaging:

  • Personalized mazel tov treat bags

Perfect for cookies or other small baked goods.

  • Personalized tefillin favor boxes – The boxes come in a variety of colors (although your son may not appreciate the hot pink.)
  • Personalized “hat box” with chocolate hat – Too cute! You even get a choice of hat brands.

Bat Mitzvah

Bat mitzvah girls need special attention, too. How about a rose gold party on your daughter’s special day? These containers have just the right mix of bling and class.


  • Rose gold favor bags – Big enough for a cupcake/muffin or fill with smaller treats.
  • Rose gold cardboard favor boxes – You can personalize these boxes with ribbon or stickers.
  • Rose gold topped mini mason jars – Use these jars for small candies or a creamy dessert like mousse.
  • Rose gold popcorn boxes – You can also fill them with candies or mini pretzels.


Remember when we would all squish into a home or a hall for an engagement party? But even an outdoor or drive-by event can be elegant. Check out these beautiful options:

  • Mini domed cake stands – These are classy and adorable at the same time! They’re small (2 inches by 2 inches) and made for mini-cupcakes or candy.

Make a l’chayim on . . . candy! You can fill these mini bottles with color-coordinated chocolate lentils, Jordan almonds, mints, or jelly beans.

  • Mini dessert cups with spoons and lids – Mini dessert cups with spoons are nothing new. But these come with little covers, making them perfect for an on-the-go event.

Sheva Brachot

A sheva brachot needs not just snacks, but a meal. Here are ideas for serving foods in individual portions or containers:

  • Individual domed soup containers– If you’re sitting outside, these soup containers will be a welcome part of the meal.
  • Plastic take-out food containers – These containers work well for sandwiches, salads, and desserts.
  • Cardboard take-out food containers – Even messy main dishes will stay neat and fresh in these boxes.
  • Mini mason jar mugs – You could buy bottled drinks, of course, but for house specials consider these adorable mugs.

Mazel tov! Enjoy your simcha safely and in style.

One day you’ll look back and be amazed by your resilience in pulling off a simcha under less than ideal circumstances. And for now, remember: No mask can hide your genuine, heartfelt smile.