Rosh Hashanah

Create A Honey Tasting Bar For Rosh Hashanah

Jackie Yesharim August 29, 2021

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When Rosh Hashanah comes to mind, the first thing you think of is the classic apples and honey, right? While I love tradition, adding new and interactive ways to celebrate the holidays bring such a new type of excitement.

I love a good wine tasting bar, but at nine months pregnant, I’m settling for the next best thing – a honey tasting bar!

I loved learning about different honeys (who knew each was so unique?!) and I created this personalized tasting menu, as well as notes on what food pairs best with which honey! You can view and download my tasting menu below.

Honey Tasting Menu Download

I’ve learned that honey is so easily infused, too – a few extra ingredients added to a good-quality honey can change up your entire dish!


I think Rosh Hashanah is the perfect time to show off a honey bar, and you can definitely have fun creating your own flavors and infusions with your guests!


For added fun, create custom honey wands! You can add the phrase “Shana Tova” like I did, or add names and use the wands as place “cards.”

I used these neutral wooden honeycomb-shaped boxes that just take the entire display to the next level!

You can use any glass jars you want, but I just love these glass eye dropper bottles. They are so easy to use and eliminate the mess of dripping spoons.

Want to get even more interactive? Have your guests wear blindfolds and guess what type of honey blend you created! The winner can go home with the bottle of wine I wasn’t able to have this year.

HERE are some fun flavored honeys if you don’t want to infuse your own.

Shana Tova!