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Everything You Need to Know About Chanukah Laws

Everything You Need to Know About Chanukah Laws

All your questions about the halachot of Chanukah, answered here. 


When Should You Light The Menorah?


Should You Wait For Your Family To Be Home Before Lighting The Menorah?


Is It Better To Light The Menorah At The Right Time, Or Wait Until You Get Home?


Can A Child Light The Menorah At Shul And Do You Repeat The Shechiyanu When Lighting At Home?


Are You Fulfilling The Mitzvah If You Light A Menorah At Your Shul But Not Your Home?


Should You Light The Menorah Before Leaving For A Party Or After You Get Home?


What If I Forget To Say Al Ha’nisim?


What Can A Menorah Be Made From? 


Am I Required To Have A Seudah On Chanukah?


Can I bake or cook while the menorah is lit?


How Do I Perform the Mitzvah of Neirot Chanukah while I’m a Guest at Someone’s House?