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Everything You Need to Know About Skill’it

Malka Kopolovich July 1, 2019

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By Malka Kopolovich, Lubicom Staff


Sleeves are rolled, knives are sharpened, and brow sweat is forming. Four talented West Coast competitors are going fork-to-fork to become the first Skill’it champion! Our contestants will be challenged to create unique culinary creations to make their way to the top- and there’s only room for one!



Hosted by the hilarious comedian and actor Elon Gold the contest is bound to keep you hungry and laughing. As Elon said, “People better watch it – it’s fun, it’s funny, it’s entertaining. I wish there was a scratch-and-sniff, scratch-and-taste; seriously, if only at home you could taste what we were tasting.“



So who comes out on top? That’s for our judges to decide! The judges took into account taste, plating, and creativity, but also how well each contestant met the challenge. Chef Nir Weinblut is the owner of legendary restaurant La Gondola in Beverly Hills, CA. Chef Gabe Garcia is the executive chef at Tierra Sur and the host of Under the Hood on Kosher.com.


Our judges will be joined with a guest judge each episode, including Joe Hurliman, head winemaker at Herzog Wine Cellars, Farmer John Fontaine of Rio Gozo Farm, and Chef Drew Rosen of Nes Events.



Meet the contestants:


BZ Ingber

Originally from New York, BZ discovered his passion for food while preparing kiddushim for his community in Los Angeles. Shortly after, he started his own catering business, where he is always switching things up!



Moshe Bloch

Combining his love for fishing and his talent of entrepreneurship, Moshe is the co-founder of Meshuga 4 Sushi.




Moshe Nafisi

Being a mortgage broker means meetings, and meetings mean good food! Moshe enjoys the good life, always trying new recipes in his own kitchen and smoking fine cigars.




Kolev Klein

Growing up a culinary Hungarian home, Kolev had all the right influences to become the attorney and cook he is today. He strongly believes that creating the right dish starts right from the beginning, such as the source of the ingredients and curing.




It was incredible how intense it could get while the competitors were cooking. When the clock was ticking, they were all laser-focused on their tasks. It was very impressive. But when they heard the word “Cut!” the cast and crew were all laughs – thanks to Elon, according to Jenna Grunfeld, one of the producers.


“There was one contestant who became known for finishing first each round,” she said, “but you’ll have to watch to find out who that was!”



Want to see how it all goes down? Tune in on July 4th at 5 pm on Kosher.com to see the grit and passion that these four cooks put into each plate. Elon was blown away from how intricate and detailed each round was. “I have a whole new level of understanding about what they’re doing on these cooking shows,” said Elon. “It’s really cool and challenging. The degree of artistry that goes into something like plating seems fantastical until you’re on set watching the level of detail and dedication that goes into it.“


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For more with Elon Gold, check out his interview in Mishpacha Magazine.