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Everything You Need To Know About Whipping Egg Whites

Nechami Goldman April 16, 2024

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On the latest episode of Now You Know, Naomi Nachman teaches us how to whip egg whites. Whipped egg whites can be used in so many Passover recipes, so let’s learn how to make them at different stages!

Lets get started!

1. First we’re going to separate some very cold eggs from the fridge. Make sure you have a very clean bowl and whisk and that there aren’t any pieces of yolk in the bowl. Put the egg white in the bowl of the mixer. Set your egg yolks aside for a different use.

2. Before whipping the egg whites, let them get to room temperature.

3. Start building structure by turning the mixer on low. Increase speed.

4. When you lift up your whisk and the egg white goes up and the peak flops down, it’s called a soft peak (see photo).

5. Keep whipping. When the peak of the egg white points straight up, it’s called a stiff peak.

Naomi Nachman’s tips:

– When it starts frothing up, this is the time that you want to add in the sugar if making a cake or meringues.

– If you overbeat your egg whites (yes, it’s possible) here’s a hack! You can add one egg white to the mixture and whisk it in by hand.

– Here’s a cool hack- If you bang two eggs together, only one cracks!

Be sure to watch Naomi Nachman on the latest episode of Now You Know here!