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Finally! A Kosher Flaxseed Bread as Long-Lasting As It Is Tasty & Nutrient-Rich

Finally! A Kosher Flaxseed Bread as Long-Lasting As It Is Tasty & Nutrient-Rich

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The History


Flaxseed has been around since 3000 BCE, but recently it’s been getting a lot of attention from health enthusiasts. The seeds are tiny but rich in omega-3 fatty acids, lignans, and fiber. In health terms, that means better digestion, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, lower risk of cancer, and lower blood sugar count for diabetics. If that wasn’t convincing enough, flaxseeds can make your skin look smoother and more radiant.



The Vision


At Shibolim™  there is great pride in bringing the best grains to the kosher market. Their researchers travel across terrains and through countrysides the world over to bring the best elements, nutrients, and taste to the kosher market. They research and develop foodgrains so that kosher keepers can have access to the best products in the grain production market.



Try, Try, and Try Again


Shibolim™ began trying all kinds of flaxseed recipes, but every time, it would taste delicious for the first day or two but then lose its taste – and worse, the nutrients. At two weeks on the shelf, the bread was soft but tasteless. Their R&D team spent months in the lab and kitchen, and learned through trial and error, heavily investing in a bread they were determined to bring to market.


The Product


Finally, Shibolim™ hit on an incredible product. The flaxseeds are ground in the bakery so that from grinding to fresh-baked loaves takes all of three hours! The best part is that Shibolim™’s kosher flaxseed bread has a delicious taste and retains the flaxseeds’ original nutrient benefits and fresh texture for up to eight months!


Bread That Heals



With all the health benefits touted, they wanted to find out – how does this bread affect their consumer’s health? So began a private research project at Tel Hashomer hospital in Tel Aviv, Israel. The experiment is still ongoing, but early results are in. Thirty diabetic children went on a carb-free diet and ate a slice of flaxseed bread each day. On average, the children went from needing between 12–14 insulin injections per day to 2 injections per day! And the children finally felt normal, being able to bring a sandwich to school like all their friends.


They are also hearing results from adults with astounding results. An elderly woman went from having liver malfunction to a fully functioning liver with a carb-free diet except for a slice of flaxseed bread every day. An overweight adult with high cholesterol joined a gym and went carb-free except for a slice of flaxseed bread each weekday and a challah roll on Shabbos. In 10 weeks he lost 37.4 lbs and his cholesterol tests came back normal.





Shibolim™’s flaxseed bread offers the kosher market a new way to live. It’s healthy, convenient, and delicious.  They are proud to finally bring a fresh flaxseed bread to the kosher market with a shelf-stable life of 8 months, and with a taste as delicious as when it is first baked (plus, no added sugar or oil). It’s authentic goodness – good for your tastebuds, good for your appearance, good for your health.  



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