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Gorgeous Amazon Picks To Dress Up Your Sukkah

Gorgeous Amazon Picks To Dress Up Your Sukkah

As the holiday gets closer and closer, you are bound to hear the hammering and drilling of Sukkahs being built in neighboring houses, or your own backyard. The mitzvah is beautiful in itself, but we like to decorate our sukkahs with the works. What used to be an affair of shiny streamers, laminated posters, and the adorable projects from school has now turned into an array of fake greenery, rustic lanterns, and of course, the adorable projects from school. And yet, every year is different. Whether you are looking for inspiration, or just want a one stop shop with zero hassle, we have compiled a list of beautiful and classy Amazon picks to adorn your gorgeous sukkah. We hope you enjoy!

1. Hanging Fillable Plastic Balls

Place battery operated tea lights, fake flowers, or branches inside

2. Pink Vases

Decorate your table with light weight, classy vases.

3. Wall Mounted Flower Pots

Or feel free to put flowers on your wall

4. Rustic Wall Mounted Flower Pots

For a more farmhouse vibe

5. Waterproof String Lights

Pretty and practical

6. Hanging Flower Hoop Wreaths

Bright and cheerful

7. Curtain Lights

This lends a magical feel to a simple space

8. Acrylic Decoy Smiley Mirror

This is super fun and easy to stick on.

9. Waterproof Lanterns

A classic, but never a cliché

10. Sticker Wallpaper Mural

An artsy feel with the press of a sticker

11. Butterfly Wall Decal

Whimsical without the hassle

12. Flower Table Runner

This runner, with garden party vibes

13. Rustic Table Runner

Or this one, for a more rustic look

14. Waterproof Carpet

A carpet lends a homey feel

15. Bug Zapper

Necessary, and actually pretty cool looking

16. Zip Ties

And to tie the whole thing together, literally, we are going to need a bunch of these.