How To Create A Shavuot Table With What You Have

Rachel Kor May 21, 2020

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Shavuot is just a few days away, and although my focus at the moment is what kinds of cheesecakes I’ll be making, one thing I never overlook is the table decor. There’s just something about having fresh flowers and a thoughtfully set table that makes the holiday that much more special and meaningful- a feeling I always strive for.

Realistically though, who has time to go all-out setting a magnificent table this year? My guess is not many of you. That’s why I’m showing you how to create a beautiful table with what you already have on hand. With a little creativity, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how easy, quick and fun it is to put together a memorable table without buying a thing.

Resort To Nature:
The materials you need to make a beautiful centerpiece can probably be found right in your own backyard! I do this whether I’m going all-out or keeping it more effortless. I typically buy expensive blooms from the florist and use filler leaves and branches from my own yard. You can use green branches, twigs, flowers, moss or anything else that catches your eye. Then, get creative! Place your findings in props from around your house (see below for ideas), or simply and elegantly drape them in the center of the table as a “table runner”.

Use Fresh Produce:
If using elements from your yard isn’t your thing, or isn’t an option, then look for produce and herbs in your local grocery store. Choose a color palette and buy produce to match. Herbs like rosemary (pictured in the napkin fold), basil and mint will also add an irresistible fresh aroma.

Mix Textures And Colors:
Mixing different textures adds instant interest (and gives you a great reason to bring out items tucked in cabinets that you hardly use). Think wicker, glass, tulle or fabric linens, fine china or pottery.

When it comes to color, I typically go very neutral. I love using creams, whites and bright greens with touches of subtle color from flowers, napkin rings and place cards. If you’re feeling more adventurous, choose two to three colors that work well together and look for items around your house in those shades.

Use Props From Around The House:
This is my favorite part! I’m always amazed with what I find from my collection of décor. Some ideas include baskets, candle votives, mason jars, vases, planters, bowls, cake stands, pitchers, trays, platters, wine bottles, stemware (yes, you can use these as vases), berry baskets and much, much more!

Learn A New Napkin Fold:
Look online for different ways to fold your napkins (linen or paper!). Even if you do little else, a pretty napkin fold instantly adds interest and pizzaz!

That’s all there is to it! Follow these suggestions and you’ll be well on your way to a stunning (and easy) Shavuot table.

If you end up using any of these ideas for your table this year, we want to see your pictures! Send them to us at [email protected] and you could be featured on our Instagram page!